What Is Your Self-Care?

Stress is powerful. It projects into emotional unrest, mental fatigue and even physical pain. The beautiful thing is that there’s quite a demand for self-care nowadays. And the thing about it is: self-care should be anything YOU choose to do as long as it refreshes YOURSELF.

“Self” is the keyword. For me, I’ve made big movements like solo travels or starting a blog. There are even days where I take myself out on a self-date. It may sound funny to you, but it’s liberating for me. Self-care routines should be engrained to maintain our sanity.

With that said, I spoke with different empowering women on social media on their self-care routines in hopes to inspire your own self-care made specifically for you.

Emily, also known as ExploRN” in her blog/vlog, is an ICU travel nurse originally from New York. She shared the structure of her morning routine that helps to feed her soul. She starts her day by acknowledging what she’s grateful for, morning stretches and making time to do her daily routine like making her bed. She does all this before removing her cellphone from the “do not disturb” mode, which she does before she goes to bed. For Emily, it’s the sense of mindfulness that she takes away from her morning routine that sets the rest of her day.

Victoria, from San Francisco, CA, podcast/YouTube host of “Adulting with Vicky,” sees self-care as a necessity in order to better contribute to her own sense of self and to the outside world. She finds that disconnecting herself from the outside world, whether for minutes or for days, is essential to re-center her priorities, goals and values. It’s as simple as going for long walks or writing everything out.

Asha, a psychologist and a creative performance coach, begins her day with a non-negotiable, threefold routine consisting of yoga and stretching, journaling, and meditation. Asha juggles family life, a full-time job, owning two businesses, and her own hobbies. Instead of using the busy schedule she has as an excuse to skip her morning routines, she acknowledges the fact that she is able to genuinely engage her busy life because she spends time caring for herself. “I can’t serve from an empty cup,” she states. She aligns her self-care with self-love, which in turn services the people around her.

Kaitlyn, a photographer and writer from Milwaukee, WI, shares her healthy perspective on living with depression and how important self-care is to maintain her energy. To her, self-care routine means living a healthy environment away from toxic attitudes. People’s energies are very contagious and can be detrimental, especially for someone who needs to consciously balance her energy. It is especially important to her to have a few people who she can reach out to and talk to free of judgment, and who love her genuinely. Consciously maintaining this environment for herself is her daily self-care.  

Leonela, an executive assistant and lifestyle blogger from Malibu, CA, believes that the key to self-care is time with oneself. She exercises alone daily, not out-of-chore, but to recharge herself. She loves spending time alone in her home after long days, pampering herself with hot baths, face masks, some occasional wine, and alternating between reading or meditating.

What is your self-care routine? Share your self-care moves below and let’s inspire one another!

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What Is Your Self-Care?

The beautiful thing is that there’s quite a demand for self-care nowadays. And the thing about it is: self-care should be anything YOU choose to do as long as it refreshes YOURSELF.

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