You Are Powerful   Guided Series

This 8-week audio and journaling experience will guide you to get out of your own way and begin building your dream life!

Are you ready to feel

confident, radiant and powerful?


I know that it’s easy to flow through each day, saying daily “I’m fine.” Yet, deep down, you feel like you’ll be stuck where you are, never feeling confident enough to make your big dreams come true!  Still, some brave whisper in you keeps cheering you on, telling you you’re meant for so much more (pssst…she’s right!).

Meanwhile, you keep finding yourself caught up in scrolling social, comparing yourself to the people there and thinking, “what is their secret!!??” and ”Why am I behind?” Let’s face it, this leaves you stuck in your head and holding back on being showing up as YOUR confident self. You start feeling too old, too poor, too busy. Even worse, you feel like you’re not pretty enough, good enough, lucky enough, connected enough. Ugh. Enough already!

 Dear one, your secret dream of traveling the world, building a business or quitting your job to pursue your creative life is TOTALLY within your capabilities. 

 Wouldn’t it feel good to feel confident enough to build a life you’re madly in love with and unapologetically go after your dreams, without letting worries, doubts and fears hold you back every single day?

Well, keep reading. I have a feeling I can help you out.

You’re ready to begin this journey if you…


Dream, BIG…buuuut you don’t fully believe it can happen for you. You notice you keep holding yourself back, playing small, feeling lost, wondering if you have what it takes and, overall, doubting yourself.


Have something amazing to offer and your inner knowing is telling you there’s a greater plan for you. Still, you honestly don’t know where to start, so you end up stopping and starting again and again.


Are ready to level up your greatness and unleash your power (aka: build your dream life) without falling into the same old self-sabotage.


Want to commit to the work of making-over your confidence in order to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be…


Are DONE apologizing for being the bright, unique, secretly magical woman that you are! (someone has to say it…)

What if this year you were confident enough to create your dream life?

 Here’s the good news, love: You don’t need to spend years going through all the self-help books. You don’t have to watch all the Ted Talk. There’s another way to create the confidence to boldly go after your dreams and build a life you are madly in love with.

In fact, that’s exactly what I did!

 I learned it the hard way – so you don’t have to! Being confident is a skill that you can cultivate, own and even master, no matter who you are, where you are or what your creative passion is.

That’s exactly what the guided-serie YOU ARE POWERFUL can offer you!


Wouldn’t it feel so good to know

that you…


Practice self-love every single day.


Rewrote your entire money story and feel like an abundance goddess.


Are surrounded by a high-vibe community & making moves unapologetically.


Got clear on your path and built a business that isn’t just a hobby anymore but something you stand behind 100%.


Own your worth and can’t remember the last time you stood in your own way…

How would you like to…

1. Gain clarity around your next steps

Say goodbye to spending way too much time stuck in your own head, love.  It’s time to feel confident, dream bigger, build a clear vision and have a plan to get there. Because you were always enough!!

2. Build the courage to take big leaps

Imagine effortlessly making decisions, such as moving overseas, showing up on social media or even quitting your job to pursue your business dreams… without worrying about what other people think of you? 

3. Create the drive to stay committed

Because procrastination and fears shouldn’t take over! Through this program, you’ll soon find yourself showing-up every day and believing in yourself as you build your dream life.

Ready to remember your power?

It’s time you shine your light, become confident and create from your dreams!

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Hey, love! I’m Marjolaine.

I’m so excited to have you here…

because it means that you are special. Even if you don’t believe it every single morning. I trust that you’re here, reading this, because you have a deep inner-knowing that your life is supposed to be a lot more EPIC and you were meant to walk through it as your most confident self.

You’re TIRED of settling for less, right?

How do I know this?

I’ve been there! I used to spend HOURS doubting myself before posting a blogpost. I’d go to bed with my thoughts spinning out on what I should and shouldn’t have said. I often doubted every single one of my decision, from an ice cream flavor to something more life-altering, like where to live. I used to play so small to fit in, follow the safe path and make sure I wasn’t “too much”.

Yup… I, too, used to say my dreams out loud with a quiet “haha” to avoid being judged and then pretend I didn’t really mean it (BUT I DID!).

When I realized lacking confidence was at the core of my brain-fog, everything changed.

Singing pop hits in my shower became…


Singing my own songs on stage at a festival!

Sucking my belly in and looking in the mirror during yoga classes became…


Teaching yoga and running my own international yoga retreat!

Working in a toxic startup, dreaming of being my own boss and feeling absolutely clueless became…


 Teaching personal branding, marketing and confidence to women all over the world, from London to California!

Studying something I was NOT in love with became…


Building my DREAM business from scratch in a foreign country and in my second language!

Having barely traveled at all became…


Moving overseas to give my dreams room to manifest!

And guess what? They DID manifest. From then on, I decided I would go for my Plan A every time, no matter how long it took or how hard it would be. I committed to going through the discomfort and mindset shifts needed to get there. THIS CHANGED MY LIFE!

So why am I telling you all this? 

Because I can’t imagine my life being any other way than it is today, even though back then (and possibly like you, now?) I couldn’t imagine my life continuing how it was, even if I didn’t know where to start.

Marjolaine helped me rediscover myself this year. I’m so grateful for all the guidance she offered. So if you are lost, confused, have dreams but don’t know how to make them happen – Sign up to her course now. It will be the best present you can make to yourself.

– Anastasia Gorelova, TV producer & Visual Storyteller

Let me show you how to manifest your dream life by working on the key element every woman needs: Confidence!

Begin you journey of healing, self-discovery and never settling for less than extraordinary with

You Are powerful Guided Series


The most comprehensive

program for women ready to

become their most

confident self!

I have finally booked my tickets to Canada! I’m moving in April to Vancouver – and your course helped me so much as I built up to making the decision ❤

– Alice Dempster, journalist and photographer



You Are Powerful Guided Series

Heal & Dream

Read what's inside Module 1 to 4

Module 1: Begin Loving Yourself

This week we explore the notion of self-worth, self-love, authenticity and self-care

Learn tools to help you create self-love rituals and practices that will help you feel the change inside-out. 


Module 2: Begin Healing

Time to say Good-Bye to everything that holds you back. I am talking about the pressure from your family, people’s opinion, society’s expectations and your own fears and worries. In those four modules, you will learn how to ACTUALLY leave the old stories behind and create space for your new Goddess normal + rediscover your worth!


Module 3: Begin Dreaming

This week will teach you how to start playing with an alternate vision of what your life could be. Open the doors to your creativity, dare to dream, and create a vision that might feel unrealistic, at first, but will get you closer to your new redefined definition of success.


Module 4: Begin to Show-Up

This week is about getting out of our own excuses and overcoming procrastination. You will begin to be accountable for yourself and trust your words so you can start seeing progress.

Create & act

Read what's inside Module 5 to 8

Module 5: Begin to attract your tribe

This chapter is about understanding who we want to surround ourselves with in this journey towards living our dream life. Giving ourselves permission to let go of the relationship that no longer serves us and welcome new friendships and relationships.


Module 6: Begin loving money

This week is about letting go of our negative money mindset and building a loving relationship with it. Understanding limiting money beliefs and learning how to shift the script.


Module 7: Begin to seek opportunities

Learning the concept of self-responsibility and opening new doors and closing others. Be the light already in your immediate environment.


Module 8: Begin to trust yourself

This week is about learning to trust our decisions and set strong boundaries that will help us become more successful, confident and live our radiant life!

Trust me, these 8 weeks might be THE most important of your life once you say yes to investing in your power within!

Without doing this exact work myself, I never would have done my yoga teacher training, completed a psychology degree abroad, backpacked through Morocco and Portugal for 6 weeks solo, made a four-track album on Spotify and moved my life overseas to follow my intuition after falling in love, all before building my dream business.

Now, it’s your turn to go after your dreams and believe in yourself.


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You Are Powerful Series Today

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Your Powerful Experience includes:

Powerful journaling

To guied you to explore, connect and trust your inner guidance.

Guided Audio

To walk you through the reflection and invite you to transform.

A self-paced path

Easily fit the program in your schedule and take your time.

Tools for life

As you deeply integrate the teachings in your life long-term.

What other women say… 


Priscilia Vaillancourt      Founder of Profites-En and food blogger

What did you like about the Series?

When I started the course, I was in a very stressfull time of my life and I was lacking confidence. It allowed me to regain self-confidence and to take time for myself. I loved the energy of Marjolaine, the meditations audios and all the reading and videos suggestions. It really made me think and question myself in a good way! I also learned to listen more to myself and it gave me the confidence to realize a dream I had for a long time: to register for a yoga teacher training!


Anastesia Gorelova      TV Producer & Visual Storyteller

What did the Series change for you?

A few months ago, I was lost and confused and I didn’t know what to do with my life. Fast forward three months, right now, I am feeling so much more inspired and confident about who I am. I’ve learned a lot about myself, I’ve learned a lot about my fears and how to work with them. I’ve learned to setup goals and most importantly commit to them. All of this thanks to the wonderful program that Marjolaine built. I’m really grateful for the achievement and I highly recommend this course, especially if you feel just as lost and confused as I was a few months ago.

Allie McKenna

Allie McKenna      NYC Stylist

What did the Series change for you?

I am so grateful to Marjolaine. She has helped me gain clarity into my future and the confidence I need to attain it. She pushes the perfect amount and I’ve never been more productive or excited for what’s to come. She has an incredible way of making us all feel confident and totally badass while also supporting each other. Just, you know, babes supporting babes!

Sounds like exactly what your confidence needs, right?


Accessible option

Two equal payment of


One-time option

One payment of


Frequently Asked Questions:

I have a busy schedule. Should I wait to start at a better time?

Absolutely not! The Series is a self-paced course that was made to fit ANY BUSY SCHEDULE. You are in control of how much time you invest. So, even though I recommend putting 1-2 hours a week aside, some women will spend as little as 10 minutes a week and take up to 6 month to go through the course at their own pace.

It’s not about perfection here! It’s about taking the first step so that you can find the confidence to follow your dreams & overcome the fears holding you back from living your best life TODAY.

What's included?

The course includes 8 weeks worth of content, unique to this powerful approach. I combine guided audio with deep introspective and personal growth exercises with actionable items each week for you to start implementing changes in all areas of your life.

All to help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Is there an online community?

By enrolling today, you will become part of a movement of women around the world, choosing themselves and up levelling their confidence & their life.

However, there is no online meeting or Facebook group because I believe confidence is a unique & personal process and I want you to take YOUR time and turn inwards with this course. No matter your schedule, no matter where you are in the world, this course will guide you in your own time and remind you to trust your process since there are no wrong answers!

When you’re ready to connect with others, I will be happy to welcome you at my next yoga retreat, online or in person and under the sun.

Do I have access to the full course at once?

Yes! But I do recommend completing one module each week. 

Is this really for me?

This series is for you if…

-You are tired of apologizing, holding yourself back and feeling stuck.
-You want to improve your confidence but have no clue where to start.
-You want to take ownership of your life and turn your dreams into reality.
-You’re ready for more joy, more abundance, more freedom and more confidence.
-You’re tired of the negative voices in your head and people around you telling you
that you’re not enough and that you can’t chase your dreams.
-You want to stop comparing yourself and drop the excuses once and for all.
-You are ready to be a confident woman that goes for it!

What's the cost?

Get started TODAY for just two payments of 222€ or one payment of 444 €.

You will be able to enjoy any future content and videos that I might add for as long as the platform is active. 

Is it refundable?

No. Since this course is fully digital and packed with high quality worksheets and videos, I have a no refund policy, as once you get access, you can immediately start downloading all content and enjoying the platform! This is for commited woman only! So feel free to contact me if you have any questions before enrolling in the course.

Can you guarantee results?

No. Even though I would love to promise you ultimate confidence, I can’t and do not guarantee results. Personal growth is a very personal journey that is unpredictable and depends on a lot of factors. So please understand and accept that results may differ by each individual and that even though I do my best to provide a comprehensive course, your success will depend primarily on your continuous commitment & effort throughout the course, as well as your own motivation & follow-through.

Please be assured that I am invested in putting out a course that I am 100% proud of and believe in. And that’s why I love being transparent and sharing the results of others, so that you can see what goddesses experienced before you! I spent over 1 year building the course, tested it LIVE twice with a group before putting it out and over 60 women have commited to the transformation so far. I’ve infused my 4+ years as a coach guiding women worldwide to embrace their inner goddess and I am continuously improving & updating the content.

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Dream up your slow mornings!

Join me as we start each morning with a powerful journaling session, higher-self meditation & routine that will unleash your inner magic and help you align with the woman you are becoming.

Thank you for joining the list! Your free gift is on it’s way to your inbox and should arrive really soon.

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