You wake up  feeling blah: like your mojo is gone. You are wondering if you’re at the right place in life, if you’re doing enough, why your business isn’t growing overnight and how come you haven’t been invited for an Oprah interview yet??!!


We all have moments where we question everything, where we feel like we know where we’re headed but we don’t know how anymore. We question all the decisions we’ve made so far, which ends up resulting in an overwhelming, paralyzing feeling that leaves you laying down to wait it out or crying – either, or and more.

You are 100% allowed to have mental breakdowns and cry over your partner’s shoulder, freaking out about aging without making it on the Forbes 30 under 30 lists.

I get it. It sucks that your business is still a bit blurry, that you’re hustling every day for what seems to be a ‘turtle climbing the Everest’ kind of process. But over the years of building my business, I’ve become sure of one thing. So let me set it you straight:

Paralysis and overwhelm will get you exactly where you’re scared to be: nowhere.

Or worse: You will get to that Oprah interview, thinking you’ve achieved your dreams only to look back and wonder how the heck you got there because, ugh, it doesn’t fill you up with the joy you thought you were creating. You realize you were so obsessed about living for the future that you neglected yourself, your family and your friends and all the joy along the journey.

So listen: you’ve got to slow down!

  • You are exactly where you should be: right here, right now.
  • You are living your best life.
  • You have the right to enjoy the life you’ve got right now.
  • You are having an impact. Even if it’s 3 people that you list off the top of your head, own it and celebrate those wins. If you fail to care about the impact you’ve been able to make on just a few people, reaching 1 million will never feel enough. Trust me.
  • You are already living in your vision. You are already living someone else’s idea of success. Believe it or not, you are living in the future that your 16-year-old self used to dream about!

At every level of success, we all aim to find inspiration in those further along on their business journeys. We never truly reach our heroes because the further we move ahead, the further we look forwards for our own next step. That’s what makes it fun!

It’s not about being the best. it’s about moving forward with a bright smile and kickass confidence.

I’ve had coaching calls with influencers with 300k followers. I thought they had it made! Yet, they thought they were doing poorly. They felt like they weren’t really influencers, like they couldn’t get that cool agent, like they needed more followers – “it will all just happen once I hit 1 million followers”.

On the flip side, one of my lovely friends, Laura Herde has over 15K followers. She is living her best life, owning her identity as an influencer, spreading self-love messages, partnering up with brands and currently enjoying buddha bowls in Bali – all with far, far less than that 1 million or even 300K followers.

Do you see where I am going? It all comes down to our own awareness.

When you don’t have all the answers, know that everything is ‘figuroutable,’ as entrepreneur, writer and unshakable optimist, Marie Forleo says.

Step 1 is accepting this truth: RELAX. Realize that you can and will figure out your next steps and chuck your timeline out the window.

I love the example I read in the book “She Means Business” the other day:

Say you want to go from New York to San Diego by car. You know it’ll be a long 40-hour drive. However, you know that there is 100% chance of making it. Your car might catch fire, it might start raining, you could lose a week or two from your original timeline. Yet, even if it means you end up taking a taxi, a train, a bus or a plane, the destination is clear and you will get there.

This is a lovely reminder that it’s not just about racing to the end but trusting in the process.

This is how I choose to live my life. I stop in the park, grab a coffee to go, sing my favorite songs, listen to a podcast or call my best friend to tell her about my crazy adventure. I wear a bright smile and try to make the most the journey.

You could choose to be angry and mad that thing’s aren’t always going as planned. You could complain about being exhausted by the walk, thinking nothing is fair. But these are so often things out of your control. What you do have control over is making it a fun ride and trusting that you’ll eventually get to your big vision business.

Take a deep breath.

Enjoy today like it is the best day of your life because why couldn’t it be?

Trust that you have the strength, ability and creative genius to figure it out and turn the commute into a road trip worthy of the movies.

When was the last time you lived like life and business weren’t just a race towards the grave? Reach out and let me know, Goddess.



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