Tuning Into Abundance

What is the first thing you think when you hear “abundance”?

There are cultural and social differences around the world that handle different parameters of what is considered abundance, mostly related to the economic and material goods, which makes this term related to consumerism.

Dr. Wayne Dyer defines abundance and poverty as states of being.

“In abundance, you feel that you have everything you want. It is an active feeling, an emotion. Abundance is in your vibrational mood, in your daily emotions. It is part of your integrity and is in your mind, body and spirit. On the other hand, poverty is defined with the same characteristics of abundance, but in the opposite sense. It is the state of lacking what you want. “

Dr Wayne Dyer

To understand it as a state of being, It is not enough just to “have”, but it is necessary “to know what we have”, “to feel that we have” and “to be grateful to have”. Contrary to what we might believe, money is not separated from spirituality; it is also energetic and divine.

To synchronize abundance in your life, the first thing you have to change is your beliefs and develop an awareness of all the abundant things you have in life:

  • money
  • purpose
  • mentality
  • health
  • social relationships.

Where the mind goes, the energy flows.

In December of 2018, with a couple of weeks to finish the University, I began to have the crisis over the end of this life stage. How would I cover my expenses from January and still be able to have enough money to live well?  

A few days after wandering in those thoughts, my friend, Nilo Azul asked me if I am interested in entering a loom of abundance. I was about to move from Paraguay to Bolivia, I had my final exams for university and a pre-presentation of my final degree project. It was a crazy time and my thoughts too dispersed to be present for this pracitce.

So Nilo introduced me to another exercise of connection and awakening, a 21-day meditation challenge and other exercises to learn how to tune in to abundance in all aspects of life.

On Day One, after hearing the first meditation, I made a commitment to the next 21 days. Despite everything going on in my life, I made a promise that I would be dedicated to myself if only for these small moments each day for 21 days. And from that moment on, my mind, heart and head opened up to positive changes. This commitment helped me put faith and focus into the other tasks in my life.

“Abundance, like everything else in the universe, is simply a specific arrangement of energy and information. With our intention, we can change the energy, add new information, and manifest whatever we want, need, or desire. Abundance is unlimited, unbounded, and always available.”

Deepak Chopra

Since I started this process many things have changed in my life, from job opportunities to a greater intuition about investments. I see abundance all around me. I am grateful every morning for the bowl of fresh fruits I have in my kitchen, for being able to smell a cup of hot coffee and have a healthy body that allows me to do yoga or any other exercise that fills my soul.

I began to observe the streets of the city instead of just seeing them. Now I see the details that previously went unnoticed as part of the identity of the culture, I enjoy seeing small everyday-scenes that look like movie mini clips full of magic and life, in addition to changing the way I saw money itself, accepting that it is a positive energy that helps me in my growth as a person.

I will not say that doing these meditations have turned my life around completely, I still have grey days in which everything seems to accumulate in my head and consume time completely.

The difference is that I learned to see love and life in the every day, and even on those rainy days

I am learning to be grateful for that moment and to react in a positive way. That my situation is teaching me to grow and is making me a more grateful person, aware, happy to let go and accept that even the lack of something is an abundance of something else.

I leave you a little exercise to start connecting with the abundance of money, it should be written by hand 10 times on a sheet of paper:

I [full name] start today to create a new relationship with money. Money is good, clean and useful for my growth, satisfaction and well being. Money brings positive things to my life. The success I have brings money and wealth for me and for those around me.

I deserve to be prosperous and have money in abundance. The money is my friend and where I invest the value increases every day. Success and money always accompany me here and now. I ask my ancestors who went through difficulties due to lack of money, to bless me and give permission for my life to be different.

So, what will be the first thing you think when you hear abundance for now on?

For me, abundance has now become living in the present. Creating memories of moments with friends and family, the food that nourishes me every day, health, enjoying a coffee in the morning, being able to take a bath before going to sleep and having peace of mind knowing that I have the power to manifest the means and resources to be able to achieve everything that I propose in life with passion, happiness, passion, gratitude and above all love.

Allow yourself to synchronize with this energy, share with your family and friends about it, search and learn more, and be delighted by abundance in all the senses of life!

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