How To Make The Most Out Of Your Travel Snaps

With Instagram, Snapchat and social mediums promoting the use of photography as brief insights into people’s lives, the prominence of travel photography and travel accounts has risen dramatically and almost become a culture in its own right.

On the one hand this comes with a sense of complacency but on the other hand, it’s such a great opportunity for communication, education and sharing. Taking photos when you’re travelling is such a good opportunity to not just have lasting memories, but it’s also so good for when your friends and family want to relive the experience with you. One of my go-to procrastination modes is always to look through holiday photos. It’s not only a point of recollection but also an appreciation of the world that you had once experienced and appreciated. The eyes really are the windows to the soul, as they say.

Travel photos have also become more than something to look back on and remember; they’ve become a form of expression and thought in a way that the art of photography can be. The age of Instagram is a great environment to be in to promote the benefits of photography as an art form. Photos become angles of life captured and this is elevated through travel as it gives you the opportunity to explore microcultural evidence in any one place through a photo or the situation happening in the photo.

Here are some things to think about when taking photos while travelling:

1.What kind of camera are you using?

With travel, you have so many great photo opportunities as well as a range of photo opportunities in that you are taking lots of different types of photos such as landscapes, portraits, photos of people, photos of nature etc. It’s a perfect opportunity to experiment with the camera you are using and also with the type of camera you could be using. Are you using film? Digital? Are you playing around with the manual features of a camera?

2. What are you trying to say with your photos?

Photos speak; when looking back at photos, there a strong sense of story. What are you trying to capture when you are taking a photo? Is it the angles you are choosing, is it the people or places that are in it? What do you want to communicate through these photos?

3. Take time to find hidden locations

Take some time to explore the place you’re in, spend some time with a camera scouting out good photos and interesting places. It’s a win-win: you discover some pretty cool places and also get some great photos.

4. Don’t experience your holiday through the camera

As much as photography is a fun way to experience your holiday, make sure it’s not the only way you experience your holiday. Remember, photos are memories and art. They are there to capture the amazing sights and things you see and experience on your holiday. Therefore, make sure you actually are experiencing these things, taking time to appreciate them so these photos don’t become the only thing you took away from travelling to great and interesting places.

5. Be sensitive

Make sure whatever photos you are taking, of people or places, is accepted and allowed in the places you are taking them. Be respectful of the people and cultures around you, especially if you are taking photos of people or special areas.

6. Do the work, before and after

Before any travel, you should do the research, find out what other people’s experiences were or specifically where other travel blogs or Instagramers have gone. Use other people’s experience to your advantage. After your travel, make sure you organise your photos so that it’s easy for you to look back on them by yourself or with others.

7. Have fun with it

Photography is art so have fun with it! It’s easy to lose sight of your real aim of experimenting and appreciating amazing sights when you’re constantly trying to get that perfect Instagram, so make sure you are constantly aware of your great surroundings, the great photos you’re taking and how to change things up while still being respectful to the people around you.

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