The Art of Rebranding

As some of you may know from following me on social media, I went through the rebranding process quite fast from Yoga With Bow to Morning Marjolaine. From first seed of an idea to full rebrand, it actually happened in less than 3 months.

It all started during a discussion with my marketer, where she told me that my website was kind of a catastrophe (don’t worry, I know her well). There was no heat mapping, some pages were leading to Neverland, links were broken, SEO was not optimized, colors and branding were lacking clarity. From a client perspective, maybe it wasn’t an issue. But to expand and grow a business and become the media company I had in my mind, this was something worth addressing.

The website I had built myself and spent hours/ weeks working on was not supporting my vision to grow into a meaningful media company.

You see, even though it looked pretty and worked, I needed to level up. I immediately contacted the best designer I know in my field and asked her for help.

I had a strong feeling I had to listen to that advice. I was ready to listen. I didn’t dwell on the hours of work I had put into it and the numerous times I almost threw my laptop out the window over some lost code.

Rather, I took a confident step forward, with a big desire to make it happen.

After more thoughts, I walked up to my boyfriend one morning and said: I need to kill Yoga with Bow. The brand was resonating with me less and less because I had not been intentional in the process of choosing and establishing it. To be honest, I actually didn’t know much about branding at all when I chose the name and I picked the name and the domain in less than an hour on a cozy Saturday.

You can read the full story on my old website.

Now I was finally ready to expand, share my creativity, my art, my confident voice and my desire for more joy & purpose. I was finally ready to put my name upfront, but also build a global community of morning darlings.

Rebranding is an art that has many layers. I will do a lot of articles on the topic, but in the meanwhile, I came up with a list of 10 lessons I learned from rebranding, that are valid for any brand trying to establish their voice. Maybe this will inspire you to take a step back and see if your brand really lives up to your vision or even get started with your own project.

10 lessons.

  1. Don’t skip the steps straight to a logo. You want a brand that makes sense on all digital spaces and has a strong identity on its own.
  2. Outsource as soon as you can and unite strengths with people that understand your vision.
  3. Think and look around for inspiration and to find a look and feel that aligns with what you want to communicate. Use Pinterest to track your favorites.
  4. Get yourself out there even though your brand isn’t ready yet. Allow your brand to grow with time. I am so grateful that YWB happened, because it did lead me here.
  5. Don’t be scared to take risks and make bold moves that are new on the market.
  6. Educate yourself every single day.
  7. Practice vision setting and paint your brand in a picture.
  8. Complete ideal client and brand identity profiles and take your time to understand who you are speaking to.
  9. Learn to start over. Don’t hold onto ideas just because you spent time on it.
  10. Make it yours. Enjoy the freedom to create and avoid getting stuck in your own limiting beliefs.  

Happy branding!

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