Have you ever truly stopped and asked yourself if your time spent scrolling Instagram was really worth it? If you have a love-hate dynamic ongoing with it, I feel you! So let’s have a little chat about how to stop scrolling Instragram!

I remember reading an influencer’s reflection after her account got hacked. All her pictures got deleted! Even though she was able to ultimately recover them, it really got her thinking: ”Would all this time on Instagram feel meaningful and worth it if all of it was gone?”

We are so often off to the next thing and moving quickly towards our big intentions, when do we actually stop and stare?

When do you consciously tell yourself: ”I am purposefully grabbing my phone right now because I really desire to see the recent photos in my feed?” Or does it mostly look a little more like this: You grab your phone, click the app unconscious, scroll until some task alights in your head, start doing that task, pick up your phone to help with the task, unconsciously click the app open again, start to scroll, realize you’re on the app again, go back to your original task….repeat, repeat, repeat.

All of a sudden, you’re scrolling and find that you’re comparing, envying, doubting, fearing, feeling guilty, getting bored, confused, tired, excited, maybe start dreaming, etc. Mostly, just experiencing an emotion roller-coaster because you’re tuning in to other people’s energy without your permission. It happens so easily!

See? And this is just one pattern! Even if this one doesn’t necessarily resonate with you, we all have our patterns with Instagram or social media. The key is to find and acknowledge yours so you can become more mindful, clear headed and enjoy your social media without that love-hate relationship!

Start by making a conscious decision

Stop! Before we go further, let me ask you plainly: Do you consciously want to numb yourself on Instagram a few hours a day?

Ultimately, it is as simple as that.

You are either consciously making intentions around how you nurture your mind & soul through social or you are numbing yourself out and creating emotional experiences that weren’t there a minute ago. If it’s the second, listen: this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy scrolling! It’s so okay if you do! It’s all about learning to find your line with it.

Because the next question is: Do you want to level up and be conscious?

If no, go grab yourself a coffee and we can chat next time! 🙂 If YES, keep reading below for my tips on how to stop scrolling Instagram.

1. Be in it for the long run.

It’s not really about learning to completely stop scrolling on Instagram. It is really about learning that, to reach our goal of more mindful social media use, we need to learn how to be patient and break down each pattern at a time; not quit over night! Take one step at a time, consciously, and this new awareness will serve you much further than just Instagram.

2. Clear the 90%.

The worst thing about scrolling is not that it’s a lot of exercise for your thumb! It’s the fact that you might be consuming 90% of content you don’t really care about at this moment and only seeing 10% that spark joy. We need to DECLUTTER!

I invite you to open your app and begin to scroll very slowly. For every post you see, ask yourself: Does this bring value to my life?

  • Does it spark joy?
  • Does it add value to my life in a real way?
  • Does it make me laugh, smile or lighten my heart?
  • Does it inspire me in the way I want to be inspired right now?
  • Is it supporting me in a current intention or goal?
  • Is this someone I know and care about?

If you answer yes to these (or any questions you may find important around social media) move to the next post and repeat.

However, if you answered NO to any of these, UNFOLLOW! Seriously, don’t be afraid to offend people or stop following an account for a time. It happens everyday. You don’t have a duty to follow anyone (even people you know) and it’s okay to not enjoy content that you once loved in different season of life. We grow and go through phases and so should our socials!

It may sound dramatic, but if you become an expert at recognizing how to cultivate your own joyful and inspiring corner on Instagram, scrolling won’t be such a negative, even if you do happen to scroll unconsciously sometimes, because it will be content you chose to see. Even if you see it all pretty fast!

3. Bring yourself to the present moment.

We do so much scrolling from a very mindless space. Practice this: every time you catch yourself scrolling your newly intentional feed, stop and take a deep breath. Close your eyes for a moment as you do. Tell yourself:

Okay, I am scrolling right now. Do I really want to spend my time on this right now?

If yes, continue enjoying yourself! If it’s your treat, why not?

However, if you feel it was an impulse to scroll and you’d much rather be spending your time on other in real life pursuits, then tell yourself it’s time to stop and deliberately choose what to shift your attention to instead. And put the phone down!

4. The power of micro decisions

We make thousands of micro decisions in a day, so quickly, that we are barely even aware of them. And you know what, Gorgeous? All those micro decisions are the ones that end up mattering the most.

The decision to pick up your phone. The decision to click an app open. The decision to scroll. They ARE decisions, no matter how small. Start by allowing some of these micro decisions stand out. Then become the one in control of your precious time on earth. It’s a fun journey. Don’t let it all be 2D!

If you’re making the conscious decision to use social media more mindfully, tell us on Instagram using the #MorningMarjolaine to tell us how you’re doing.

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