There is something frankly strange that happens when you’re in a place of fear and holding yourself back. Your heart accelerates but you feel stuck in suspension and everything seems to pause.

In these moments, you know that there are two choices ahead of you. One side of your mind tells you to shut down, forget about it, watch Netflix, do something (anything!) distracting. The other side of your mind tells you that you can do this, that your potential is unlimited and that something magic is waiting beyond the fear and doubts.

Your potential is unlimited. So stop holding yourself back!

Take a deep breath right now. Sit back. Close your eyes and keep breathing deeply. Tell yourself that you are okay. Tell yourself that you are well. Tell yourself that your haven is right here.

Goddess, you are a wonderful, creative miracle. You deserve to feel it.

I know that you might be scared right now. It’s huge and scary to jump in the cold water of fear. But I know you have this vision for yourself. Tell me, what is that dream you keep within you because you don’t know if you’re ready yet?

That dream so scary that you tell yourself you’re not prepared, not equipped, not perfect enough.

It’s true. You’re not ready.

It’s time to say “Screw it” and stop holding yourself back!

It’s time to claim your power and manifest that most wonderful piece of creation you are so capable of releasing Not the most wonderful you could ever release but the most wonderful you can release today.

Today is all that you’ve got and you know, deep inside, that the fire is burning for you to get it out.

Don’t let your bubble of creativity crumble into oblivion. Love it. Give it attention.  Care for it and allow it to bloom and grow. Even if it’s just 10% of what you could potentially give. We all have potential and having patience allows us to enjoy the ride. We have to sit back, take a deep breath and release all that we’ve been holding back, even if you’re not ready.

Let yourself shine in a wild, chaotic, imperfect manner. Let yourself radiate and inspire others with your truth and uniqueness. You have something to share, so don’t hide it away from a world that needs your magic!

When you’re stuck in fear, here’s what you can do:

To break the pattern, I encourage you to experiment with these 2 exercises:

  • Try to write down every single idea that crosses your mind. Even the wildest and craziest. Don’t let your unique creative gift fall into nothingness. Record them so you can look at them outside of yourself.
  • Catch yourself when you are using destructive self-talk such as “I can’t do it”, “I’m stuck, there is no way I can make it happen”, “I’m not ready…” And replace that talk using an empowering sentence such as “I can handle this”, “I’m okay”, “It all unfolds in the right time for me”, “I trust my own journey.”

I take this topic deeper over on The Live Mindfully Podcast.

Listen Here:



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