Get Paid What You’re Worth: Part II

My family went to Hawaii about eight years back. My son was around eleven years old and the plane ride was about ten hours from Dallas. Since we have frequent flyer miles, we used some of those points to upgrade our seats to First Class.

Ten hours on a plane is a long time. But in First Class, things feel different.

They served drinks and snacks non-stop and we had plenty of room to stretch out and snooze. The flight attendants even learned our names. For dessert, we had hot fudge sundaes, (my son had more of a hot fudge soup with a tiny, ice cream, island- dollop) and a full meal with wine, freshly baked bread, hot mixed nuts, and warm, gooey chocolate chip cookies.

Anything we wanted they had. They even gave us a little travel size amenity bag with socks and travel toothpaste.

Why do we love First Class on planes? Or suites at the Ritz? Or the corner table with the view? Why do we pay more for those things? Surely a coach seat gets you there just fine?

We pay more because we value the experience, the amentities, the atmosphere. We love value but we love valuable things, more. And we place value in things that cost more.

Similarly, we might know what we value in our business success, but turning that into their relevant cost can be difficult when you’re starting out in your own business. Here are tips to valuing yourself.

1. Do your research

Do you know if you’re prices are too high? Too low? Look at your market and try to determine where you fall in the price ranges, then up your prices. If your market is charging less, do NOT discount your services.

You cannot out-discount the market. There will always be someone priced lower than you are. If you discount and your competitors are charging more, your customer wonders what’s wrong with your service. Why are you so low when others charge more? Because value is attached to your pricing!

Instead of discounting, find other ways to add value.

Offer a bonus sales coaching session. Or bring in special training for your best VIP clients. Better yet, treat them to a retreat someplace spectacular with 1-1 training face to face.

Or offer tangible things like books, the new iPad pen, a branding photography session or even three hours of VA services.

I am always thinking to myself, what would I love a coach to give me? I love physical swag, mugs, tshirts, technology, little gifts and notes in the mail. I love retreats. High value courses included with the coaching also help me to see the coach as more valuable.

Your clients want value, but they don’t want bargain basement. They want to get their money’s worth! They know you’re expensive, but you’re worth it because you give extra. You go another mile to meet them where they are with exactly what they need.

2. Check your messaging

Why do we know what First Class is like on airplanes? Because we’ve all filed pass those cushy and comfy leather seats. We’ve all sat in the middle seat in coach. We all know you might not get a drink, and you definitely won’t get a meal. You sit in your economy seat and you wonder, what ARE they doing up in first class with that curtain closed?

They have their own restroom. They have their own flight attendant. I have Larry the armrest stealer on my left and Ruth the chatty lady on my right.   

I want first class.  

The message of the airlines is, “if you paid more, you could be up here getting all the perks! Look at these VIP people! Look at these VIP seats! Next time, buy first class and this can be yours; too.”

So what is your brand saying about your value?

If your branding and messaging communicates your value, your clients see you as valuable.

This includes your case studies but also how you show up online. Are your livestreams valuable? Do they connect emotionally? Do they have bad lighting and see amateurish?

There is a time to be super authentic and real and appear without makeup, but your clients also want to know if you’re professional. You can’t charge $12K or 20K showing up as a coach with poor branding or Iphone headshots.

I booked a client a few days ago, and I asked her, “why me?”  She said she was attracted to my headshot. Apparently my photograph was the most professional out of the people in that group.

Align your branding and your messaging with what YOU want in a high-ticket, high-value coach. Add value. Stop discounting and step into your prices. You deserve to be paid for your knowledge and experience. Step up, don’t step your prices down. Believe in your worth and present your offers with value.

And if you get the overnight flight, be sure and use the extra money for First Class, it’s worth it.

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