I believe that every creative woman should have the confidence to go after their dreams & build a brand they are madly in love with.

In 2014, I got stung by wanderlust and moved abroad to finish my bachelor in psychology. In 2015, I sold everything I had in Canada and took a chance on both love & my dreams! That leap of confidence brought me so much more than I could have ever wished for.

Now all I want is for you to see your potential and take the leap, so I make sure that the tools I create will help you do just that — let go of fears, go after your dreams unapologetically & stand out online. Life is beautiful when we are aligned and I can’t wait to help you make MAGIC happen!

You are at the right place if…


You are ambitious, ready to put in the work and patient towards your growth.


You are ready to invest in yourself financially & energetically and called to step into your power.


You want powerful tools that will work with your busy schedule and take you to the next level.

This might not be for you if…


You would rather stay in your comfort zone than creating a life and brand you are madly in love with.


You just want a recipe for overnight success or you expect someone else to do the work for you.


You would prefer figuring it all on your own, no matter how long it takes.

“Have love love loved the course! It really came into my life at the right time and helped me change into a more positive mindset about closing one chapter and welcoming a new one.”

– Alice Dempster, Journalist & Photographer

It’s time to

take the leap


See the tools below


Take it to the next level with…

The Confident Goddess Academy

Throughout this 12-week course, I will show you exactly how to makeover your confidence so that you can own it and even master it to work for you, not against you! Say hello to taking leaps, going after your dreams fearlessly and living up to your fullest potential!

From Invisible to Unstoppable


Throughout this 7-day course, your Instagram account will undergo a massive transformation as you learn some of our secrets and biggest tips for building a strong, dedicated brand on this incredible platform.

“A few months ago, I was lost and confused and I didn’t know what to do with my life and fast forward three months, right now…

I am feeling so much more inspired and confident about who I am!”

– Anestesia Gorelova, Creative TV Producer and Visual Storyteller

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How to Stop Scrolling Instagram

How to Stop Scrolling Instagram

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I promise you that you can be both successful & enjoy a conscious lifestyle filled with slow mornings. You can be both creative and a thriving entrepreneur. You can be both inspired to work together, but unsure where to start!

Schedule a 15 minutes chat if you want to discuss how I could help you achieve your dreams with my programs, retreats or coaching.


Prepare your latte!

Confidence Training

This bundle includes two confidence training videos and a powerful goddess meditation to help you drop the fears, feel clear about your next step, and stay inspired. It will soon become your favorite way to start your morning calm, confident & ready for anything.

Get Your Morning Journaling Prompts Now

These journaling prompts will help you align both your mindset & actions for success and unleash your inner goddess.

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