My Transition to Slow Mornings

I used to be the girl that would hate waking up. My head was blurry, it felt like a nightmare to stand up and the first thought I had in my head waking up was, ‘Ugh! I wish I could sleep more!‘ During my studies, I was usually snoozing endlessly and getting ready as fast as possible to catch up on sleep. I was grabbing an overnight oatmeal and a banana, getting to school and filling up my gigantic coffee mug and eating in class while half-listening to my teacher.

Sound familiar?

Before I knew it I would come home and try to take another nap. I felt almost always tired, I was eating on the go and I had nothing close to a morning mindful ritual. Fast forward to now, I wake up naturally without an alarm with the sun, I don’t need to snooze because I feel refreshed and SO EXCITED to start the day. I always smile first before anything and take 5 minutes to sit and massage my eyes to wake up. Since we sleep on the floor and I wake up before my boyfriend, I don’t have to undo the bed. I head to the boiler and fill in with water. I then head towards the bathroom, shower, put shea butter on my face and mascara before dressing up. My next step is heading towards the bakery to grab a fresh bread, coming home, making an avocado toast or peanut butter and banana toast and sipping my coffee. I sit and look out the window and take time to eat and think and be in awe of how beautiful the river flows. I practice positive thinking and delight myself with silence. The moment is enough and I can take time. When I am done, I set my workspace for the day, light up a candle and get to work with a clear and fresh mind.

But it wasn’t always like this.

Until recently I still:
  • had struggles not scrolling my phone first thing in the morning
  • would stay in pyjamas until lunch.
  • would eat in front of a Youtube Video
  • would start working before I am done eating.
Let me be clear, I currently work about 13 hours a day. I am how we could say quite ‘’busy’’. But I feel so full of energy and so calm and so on top of my game! I LOVE what I am doing and I can work so much without feeling overwhelmed because I finally realized something.

The more slow moments you allow in your life, the more you feel like time is stretching instead of running away.

It becomes your anchor and you soon realize that you’re honouring your time. And these new slow mornings have had a tremendous impact on my business. I feel more clear in the morning, I get things done with more focus and I don’t get distracted by notifications.

So how do you get started?

Trust me, going down the path of a conscious morning is not an easy road. Patterns are sometimes quite resistant and hard to break. The dopamine rush from the use of screens is addictive and you need to cultivate your will and be persistent until you crack your mind code.

Stop following others and start understanding what works for you.

My clients have had the greatest success with implementing new habits when I understand why they do what they do and help them craft things around what already exists, instead of imposing an ideal routine on them.
  • Ask yourself: What do I really want to achieve?
  • More calm & peace? Don’t try to wake up earlier, start by resisting to grab your phone for the first five minutes after the alarm.
  • More wellness? Have essential oils or hand cream by your side, and start caring for yourself from the bed.
  • More education? Have your earphones ready and put on your favourite podcast as you wake up.
  • More confidence? Start the day with a smile and put your motivational playlist on!
  • More yoga? Stretch your arms up towards the sky as you inhale, and do some neck exercises intuitively from the bed.
  • More health? Start the day with a glass of cold water with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar.
  • More nature? Go out and take a short walk to your favourite bakery!
  • More ‘’me time’’? Schedule yourself 10 minutes on the clock where all you can think about is you!

See? Uncovering the path of our ideal morning is a work of art.

We need to start somewhere small where we can see progress and feel accountable. We need to break patterns by slightly challenging them and not getting rid of them all at once, rather, creating a micro gap in between the automatic reaction and mindful action. Be intentional and make the decision that you deserve a morning that aligns with your greatest ambition. Because you do. Take care love, Marjolaine

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