The Joy of Simplicity

Morning Marjolaine is a lifestyle brand that aims to impact women with the joy of simplicity by creating meaningful content for the modern and spiritual entrepreneur.

Authenticity // Mindfulness // Creativity

By being part of the community, you will feel part of a bigger movement of women entrepreneurs slowing down and living mindfully. Collectively raising our confidence and helping each other be aware and live with purpose.

We thrive on the principles of minimalism, yoga, and low impact lifestyle, freedom, honest fashion, and sustainability. We are conscious and aware of the impact we can have and do our best to make small changes, one mindful step at a time, whilst still keeping it fun!

We shall respect and nourish our body in the same way that we respect and nourish mother earth with love and awareness

- Marjolaine

what makes us shine

  • We consciously utilize our time and use entertainment in a way that nourishes our life & soul.
  • We think content creation can stand out without being shallow.
  • We embrace living minimally for more clarity and ease in our life.
  • We believe marketing doesn’t have to be tacky, so we do it our way.
  • We want to help you grow into a more confident, positive and influential woman
  • We choose to see the good in people and to forgive ourselves and others
  • We allow ourselves to have freedom and creative expression.
  • We are powered by plants & kindness
  • It’s okay to be both spiritual and a kickass boss.
  • Being transparent is the key to ease.
  • Yoga is like our wise big-sister and we love listening to her.

Less Drama, More Meaning

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