Listen here to inspire you to minimize your home:

Let’s face it: no matter how often you might hear that you don’t need much to live and that you should minimize your home, it doesn’t always feel that easy.

In fact, I used to cry over losing an earring or one of my favorite sport wool socks! I had every imaginable kitchen tool and I was convinced that having a crock pot was part of becoming an adult. I accumulated more cosmetics and perfumes as a makeup artist than I would have been able to use over the next 10 years!

Fast forward to today and I have no bed (yup, no bed!), no kitchen table, no unnecessary frames and barely 3 plates. I use only coconut oil for my face, have barely any makeup and I live in a 33 square meter flat with the love of my life. Let me tell you: we are closer to living from water and fresh roses than we ever were!

So what changed?

Well…I did!

I traveled and moved across the sea with only one red suitcase. For a whole year, I didn’t miss my favorite mug or any of the clothes I left behind. When I arrived back home a year later, I sold everything I still had there to my brother before taking the leap, moving and become an expat!

Do we all need dramatic changes in our lives to go minimal? I mean, it may help! But I don’t believe so. You can start downsizing to a more intentional place little by little.  It only takes a single decision that things can be different, that we can be different, to create a life that feels like a dream come true.

If you’re in a place in your life right now where you feel like there’s too much of everything or you crave creating the feeling of more space in your mind by decluttering your space, I strongly advise you to be clear about your intention before you minimize your home.

Write down why it’s so important for you to have fewer things and minimize your house and business.

For me, living this way made me realize how little we actually need to be happy and pursue our dreams.

Of course, I still like to indulge in a yummy restaurant or grab little luxuries like a coffee to go. But I no longer depend on material items to feel at home or to feel luxurious. And it’s benefited me in ways I did not expect.

The house stays cleaner since there are so few items. It’s almost impossible to lose something. You actually have time and energy to care for everything you have.

It’s benefited me when I’m traveling and still need to work on my business. I’m able to maintain my productivity even away from my usual “zone” because the zone isn’t just created by the material things, it’s created by me and my energy. It also allows me to fully understand the power our day-to-day objects have to take up so much space in out minds.

Actually being free from most things has gifted me much more mental space, clarity and freedom!

The funny thing is that the skills you gain from living a minimal lifestyle are also so needed when running a successful business.

  • Letting go of clothes that are not suiting you anymore is similar to letting go of clients that don’t align with your vision
  • Having fewer possessions and focusing on what you do have can reflect in how you organize the big projects in your business day to day
  • Only surrounding yourself with items you adore will help you create a strong brand identity that feels like YOU
  • Being comfortable with less and focusing on cultivating having inner happiness prepares you for the adversity you may face as on the road to building your business from the ground up

It all starts with the intention to live differently.

The goal is not to empty your house tomorrow but to build a different mindset around your space and possessions so you can ease-fully transition towards minimize your home in a way that will benefit and align with the dream life I know your creating for yourself. You are the key to your success and to your happiness.

Take a deep breath. Air is truly all that you need.



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