March Mercury Retrograde: The Unexpected Healer

If there’s one Astrological transit that’s really made a name for itself, it’s the infamous Mercury Retrograde.

Mercury is the planet closest to the Sun, which means it’s orbit is much shorter than Earth’s. 3-4 times a year, Mercury rushes past Earth, creating the frenetic energy we feel, aka “Mercury Retrograde.” Because Mercury is the planet ruling all communication, it’s no wonder things feel disarrayed!

It’s known as a time when our daily lives become prone to all types of complications; flat tires, arguments, communication barriers, travel issues, technology crashes… the list goes on. I’m sure we’ve all heard or experienced a story or two of mischievous mishaps that warrant this transit’s shady reputation.

As of March 5th, we’ve entered into our first official Mercury Retrograde of 2019, and we’ll be here until March 28th.

Although Mercury retrograde occurs almost quarterly, we feel each retrograde differently based on its interactions with other planets and what sign its stationed in. Water signs stir emotion, Fire signs affect actions, Earth signs shake stability, and Air signs test mentality and intellect.

This particular retrograde is unique in that it occurs at 29° in the sign of Pisces. In Pisces, this retrograde will highlight our intuitive selves and matters of personal creativity. It also aspects with Neptune, the Planet ruling dreams and illusions, which is sure to add an extra layer of fog. Neptunian energy is all about putting on a rose-colored lense to view the world through, which can alter important realities. However, on the plus side, we can deep dive into a fantasy and the dream world.

As a professional Astrologist, I’m often asked to debunk the mania surrounding Mercury Retrograde. But the reality is that I, too, have felt personally victimized by the prankster of the Zodiac himself, Mercury!

I’ve shattered cell phone screens more times than I can remember, sprained my ankles, lost luggage, exacerbated issues in relationships, and even fell down the side of a mountain once while hiking! I’m definitely no stranger to the personal pandemonium.

So while I cannot debunk it, I do believe that Mercury Retrograde is not something we should fear.

It sounds a little crazy, I know! But there are deeper, more helpful aspects lurking beneath the surface of delayed flights, misunderstandings, and lost keys.

There are ​actually​ healing opportunities in each and every Mercury Retrograde.

I encourage others to look past the generalized hype, because the reality is that Mercury Retrograde affects each individual differently. By looking at your own astrological natal chart, you’ll notice different signs, degrees, and aspects that create uniqueness. For this reason alone, we can relax into knowing that our experience with Mercury will be personal; not necessarily uniform to everyone else.

If you’re born during a Mercury Retrograde, for example, you actually may feel ​ease​ in communication during the retrograde. Whereas if you have heavy Virgo/Gemini placements, the magnitude changes.

We are all on our own journeys and paths, coming from our own levels of consciousness. Astrology teaches us that we are all beautifully different and diverse and this great fact does not change just because a Mercury Retrograde has ensued.

As it turns out, Mercury Retrograde comes with purpose. The Planets are in support of our best interest, even if it may not feel like it in the moment.

Mercury’s request is simpler than we may realize: ​slow down.

In a fast-paced world, we sometimes forget to rest. Sometimes we ignore the warnings. In theory, Mercury Retrograde is actually ​helping u​s by putting some roadblocks in our path. If your phone breaks, it’s possible you were spending too much time on it. If you have a sprain, it’s possible your body needs a break. If you have a miscommunication, consider whether or not the connection needs deeper work.

Whatever this 3 week period unveils, we can trust that it is Divine, albeit frustrating or inconvenient at times! We can float in the flow of the Piscean waves knowing that we’ll always be led back to shore, back to safety.

Mercury Retrograde urges us to take our time. It urges us to empathize with each other. It shakes things up because ultimately, change is a natural part of life and without it, growth becomes difficult.

RE-group, RE-evaluate, RE-lax, RE-examine, RE-lease, RE-set, RE-juvenate.


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