In only 7 days, we will teach you how to build your personal brand on Instagram

… as we guide you through uncovering your mission, finding your unique voice and learning how to create powerful & consistent content that will attract your dream audience.


Brought to you by Morning Marjolaine & Lucie Fink

Can you relate...

Do you wish you could ditch your love-hate relationship with Instagram and stop the mindless scrolling, endless comparison, and constant confusion about how others are growing and building businesses on the app?

Do you feel like you would be ready to unleash your boundless creativity, share YOUR authentic story with the world, provide value to your community, and focus on impact over metrics? 

The wait is over. Let’s start now.

YOUR story is worth telling. Building a personal brand is all about sharing what makes you YOU (your quirks, your favorite foods, your cats, your dreams...) in a way that carries a strong message and impacts others.

 Now, it’s not that simple.

Maybe you think your life is mundane — that nobody will care about what you have to say.

Maybe you think “success” on Instagram is meant for others and you can’t seem to crack the code.

Maybe you don't know how to package all of your unique offerings in one cohesive brand. 

Maybe you don’t understand how to create ~aesthetic~ content consistently.

And maybe you’ve googled “Instagram growth hacks” hundreds of times but all of the search results seemed shady (“WANT 500k FOLLOWERS IN 10 MINUTES?”)

Now listen… there are thousands of avenues you can go down to gain INSTANT followers and to start getting thousands of likes on your photos. The only problem is…



If we’ve learned ANYTHING from using Instagram as our NUMBER ONE source of income over the past few years, it’s that success, business growth and income are NOT solely related to followers, likes or popularity.

Hello, beautiful people! I’m Marjolaine and I am a business coach for creatives, yoga teacher & artist living mindfully just outside of Berlin. I create powerful tools for creative women like you to show-up to your full potential, go after your dreams unapologetically and create a life & brand you are madly in love with.

And I’m Lucie. I’m a video producer and lifestyle host living and loving life in New York City. Through all the content I create, my goal is to encourage people everywhere to explore, try new things, and push themselves to live the fullest, healthiest and happiest lives possible.

The two of us met via Instagram a few years back and the rest is history. For about three years now, we’ve both been using Instagram as our main marketing platform, and each of us is making a full-time living doing what we love, sharing our stories through our personal brands online.

Marjolaine has been Lucie’s mindfulness coach for almost two years, and we finally met in person at Marjolaine’s latest yoga retreat in Nicaragua. We connected INSTANTLY and realized we’re basically the same exact people living on opposite ends of the world. Our missions are aligned yet we both have our own unique strengths and passions… Which is why we decided to come together and create a course that will impact YOU to do more of what you love by using Instagram as a powerful business tool!

As proof, let’s take a look at OUR Instagram accounts. One of us has over 150k Instagram followers and the other has 3k Instagram followers, yet we’re both thriving, living our dream lives, and making a full-time living via social media.

Instead of shady, fast growth hacks, we’ll show you exactly how to create, curate, and cultivate a long-lasting and authentic personal brand on Instagram.

In as soon as 7 days, not only will you feel entirely unstoppable — you will attract more like-minded people, opportunities and dream-like moments than you could have ever wished for.



You are unique.

You have a personal story to tell.

Whatever your daily life looks like and however boring you think it might appear, we can assure you that someone SOMEWHERE is interested in hearing what you have to say.

Even if it doesn’t feel like it, your unique perspective IS valuable.

And building a brand on Instagram doesn’t have to mean mindlessly making noise or posting fake photoshopped pictures. In fact, it SHOULD be about spreading powerful messages, inspiring others, and authentically connecting with like-minded (or unlike-minded) people in a way that’s going to have a lasting positive impact.

You only have one life to live and that life shouldn’t be spent incessantly scrolling, constantly comparing yourself to others and feeling wildly confused about what you’re doing wrong.

Instead, it should be spent CREATING. Developing a powerful step-by-step game plan that will allow you to build a brand that matters and DREAM BIG. We know your time is worth it and
we won’t let you spend the next 5 years blindly trying to grow your following just for the sake of it.

In the end, authenticity always wins.

There are millions of people out there who are currently using Instagram to cultivate their dream lives. So you can choose to listen to your own fears and excuses, or you can believe in
yourself and listen to us when we say that..


There IS enough room for you, even in a saturated marketplace.


There is still time. You can start RIGHT now and find success.

And yes.

Even though this will take work, it can feel effortless if you’re equipped with the necessary knowledge and tools, coming from two women who once also felt unnoticed but now feel unstoppable.



Your comprehensive guide to authentic Instagram success. Throughout this 7-day course of value-packed daily modules, you’ll rebrand and totally transform your Instagram account, uplevel your content, learn the business behind success, provide VALUE every single day and plan it all seamlessly like a boss.

With our guidance, you’ll ditch your love-hate relationship with Instagram and go from feeling totally confused and unseen on the app to being utterly unstoppable. By the end of this power week, you’ll be brimming with creativity and reinvigorated with a new desire to grow, build and GO.

Wouldn’t you love to...


receive a comprehensive guide to totally transform the look and feel of your Instagram account?


learn hundreds of tips and tools for using the app like a boss without overwhelm (including: photo editing, IG story secrets, batch content calendars and more)?


know our best practices for connecting, engaging and building an authentic brand that makes waves online?


become unstoppable while being YOU?!



The Unstoppable experience includes...

Over 100 pages of strategies, templates & fillable worksheets so you can achieve tangible results every single day.

Daily video trainings (pre-recorded) with Lucie & Marjolaine to learn our biggest tips, secrets, and best practices on the app.

Your guide to starting with Reels to build your dream, dedicated audience!

Your 33 Instagram Stories Ideas because you LOVED our caption templates!



Identify your NICHE (who you serve & how to magnetize, shine & attract your dream audience)


Deep-dive into the psychology behind captions


Our top story-telling and copywriting strategies


Our simplified monthly content calendars


Uncover your MAGIC (who you are, what is your value, and what is your WHY?)


Must-have hashtag strategy for helping your content be SEEN


Engagement checklist to maximize your account's growth


Made-for-you tracking sheet for insights & stats

We are blown away by YOUR incredible transformations

Read what others are saying about it!

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Two payments of



It’s Time For A Facelift

  • Learn how Lucie and Marjolaine both use Instagram differently as their #1 source of income.
  • Understand why Instagram is today’s MOST important app for personal branding.
  • Follow our step-by-step guide to totally transform EVERYTHING about your Instagram account to make you a more enticing person to follow.
  • Upgrade your account settings and learn to use SEO to optimize your page views.

Day 2

Down to Business

  • Learn how we access useful Instagram insights and back-end statistics for our entire account and every post we share.
  • Explore how you can leverage these metrics to create the best type of content for your followers.
  • Uncover the “secret sauce” to finding success on Instagram (hint: it’s not about gaining followers).

Day 3

Make It Aesthetic

  • Learn how to identify your 5 unique visual brand pillars that will help people recognize your content from a mile away (and will inform what you post).
  • Enhance the visuals on your Instagram account by doing some “Spring Cleaning” and clearing out old content that doesn’t fit your current vision or vibe.
  • Get your hands on our favorite photo editing apps to help you turn ANY low-quality photo into a visual masterpiece.

Day 4

It's Story Time

  • Learn how we both use Instagram Stories and Reels differently to monetize our unique offerings.
  • We’ll share our favorite hacks and tips for making creative, beautiful, and impactful Instagram Stories and Reels (rainbow text, anyone?!)
  • Learn how to drive your followers from your Instagram Stories and Reels to other platforms, funnels, or offerings.
  • Learn our best practices for making Instagram Stories and Reels that people actually want to watch.
  • Understand how to consistently put Stories and Reels out there YOUR unique way to captivate your audience, build trust and provide value without falling into perfectionism.

Day 5


  • Break down your 5 personal brand content pillars that will help guide your content and streamline your storytelling through captions.
  • Learn why strong (and long) captions are key.
  • Never run out of ideas again with our caption templates & prompts for everlasting content that won’t get boring or old.
  • Our guide to using hashtags to attract the right audience and connect with “your people.”
  • Learn to properly structure your copywriting to craft mesmerizing captions that will make people want to engage with your content.

Day 6

Provide Value

  • Learn how to provide the most value with ALL of Instagram's tools and current offerings (we’ll walk you through our best practices for IG feed posts, stories, stickers, IGTV, comments, DMs and more — as well as how to use each of these tools differently).
  • Learn how to spark authentic conversation on the app and bring people to your party.
  • We’ll give you a checklist of what you should be doing daily to drive traffic and receive the most authentic engagement on your page.
  • Get our tips for being intentional and savvy every time you open the app (say goodbye to meaningless scrolling!)

Day 7

Content Calendar

  • Learn our step-by-step strategies for creating constant content without burning out. (Make people wonder HOW YOU DO IT ALL!)
  • Receive content calendar templates that you can use to plan out a kickass strategy.
  • Get our content calendar secrets for success so that you can continue to put out high quality content without being glued to your phone.
  • Receive our engagement calendar template to keep yourself on track when it comes to engaging with others.
  • Learn to grow an authentic following that will fall in love with your brand and be excited about everything you share.

Day 8

BONUS: Reels 101

  • Learn our tried and true method of creating magnetizing, short-form video content that your dream audience will love
  • Learn everything we know about making your Reels the best they can be
  • Learn how to choose a content strategy that works for YOU and your unique business.

We know that social media courses can be tricky. After all, apps are always changing, updating, and adding (or removing) features. Surely you've heard of the infamous “ALGORITHM” that seems to fluctuate every day.

But have no fear! Yes, this course will teach you ALL the tangible skills and tips for using the app as is today, but it’s SO much more than that.

You will walk away with loads of knowledge that will continue to be applicable and useful for years to come. Being flexible and ready for change is always important (especially in the digital media world), but in this course we’re providing you with the knowledge and skills to build sustainable success, no matter WHAT the latest platform is or how often the algorithm might change.

If you’re still here and you’ve read through all the text on this page, the universe is MOST CERTAINLY guiding you in the right direction. Don’t ignore the call. Invest in yourself and start up-leveling TODAY.

We know you are thinking, "I want to be unstoppable!"...

So you know what to do!

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Two payments of


Frequently Asked Questions:

I have a busy schedule. Should I wait to start at a better time?

Now is always the best time! Even though we built the course to run over 7 days, you can take it at your own pace. The course is a self-study course that was made to fit ANY BUSY SCHEDULE. You are in control of how much time you invest and even though we recommend putting 1-2 hours a day aside throughout the course, some women will spend as little as 10 minutes a day and take up to 6 months to go through the course at their own pace.

It’s not about perfection here! It’s about taking the first step so that you can start gathering the tools and knowledge you need to thrive on Instagram!

What will I learn?

This 7-day course(with bonuses!) will guide you through the basics of personal branding on Instagram. Each day will be a deep-dive into a different module (see the day-by-day breakdown above).

Who is this for?

The course is for anyone who has been wanting to use Instagram to leverage their own personal brand on the app or gain credibility in their professional field.

This is for you if:
a. You are committed to building a sustainable and long-term brand on Instagram.
b. You are ready to put in the work and the time needed to finally be successful.
c. You keep changing your Instagram bio but there is just no way to say it all in so few characters.
d. You feel like you’ll stay stuck at your follower count for the rest of your life.
e. You scroll through Instagram endlessly, but nothing’s happening. There’s no growth.
f. Your feed is not on point and you just can’t figure it out (HOW DO THEY DO IT?)

This is not for you if:
a. You want to get famous fast.
b. You want to snap your fingers and have a million followers.
c. You want to get rich on the app tomorrow morning.
d. You are already an Instagram expert with professional branding, a dedicated following, a cohesive feed and raving fans buying your products every single minute.

Do I have access to the full course at once?

The course functions on a day-by-day basis, so you will get instant access to the first day of content and then, each day, a new module will be unlocked. You will also get access to all updates and extra bonuses that might be added over time.

What is the cost?

  Get started for just one payment of €444 or two equal payments of €249. Prices include 19% VAT.

Is it refundable?

No. Since this course is fully digital and packed with high-quality worksheets and videos, we have a strict no refund policy, as once you gain access, you can immediately start downloading content and enjoying the platform! This is for committed insta-babes only! So feel free to contact us if you have any questions before enrolling in the course.

Can you guarantee results?

No. Even though we would love to promise you guaranteed Instagram success, we cannot and do not guarantee results. Succeeding on Instagram is unpredictable and depends on a variety of factors. Please understand and accept that results may differ by each individual and that even though we do our best to provide a comprehensive course, your success will depend primarily on your continuous commitment & effort throughout the course, as well as your own motivation & follow-through.

We are confident that throughout the course you will learn new things and find a newfound inspiration to build a strong personal brand on the app, but at the end of the day, your success is going to be tied to your commitment and the strength of the brand you are building.

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Dream up your slow mornings!

Join me as we start each morning with a powerful journaling session, higher-self meditation & routine that will unleash your inner magic and help you align with the woman you are becoming.

Thank you for joining the list! Your free gift is on it’s way to your inbox and should arrive really soon.

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