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+ Cultivate a long-lasting confidence.

+ Learn how to find confidence to take more action towards your dream, and reduce the noise caused by doubts, insecurities & the fear of judgment.

+ Speak your truth and show up for yourself in a safe environment, with women going through the same struggles.

Welcome to ‘Confident Goddess’, an exclusive and unique 12-week holistic program designed especially for young women that are ready for a change in all aspects of their life. Infusing mindfulness, yoga, theatre, music and psychology, this program will transform you and allow you to truly fall in love with yourself and with your life.

You’ve come to the right place!

Confidence is the core of a lot of our successes and failures. It can be beautiful but also hold us down if we let others define our worth. By establishing a strong and confident foundation for yourself at a young age, you open the doors to living a very awesome life.

Are you ready to go through that transformation?

You Will:

  • Build a strong vision for yourself as a woman
  • Align your goals with your values and purpose
  • Become comfortable answering personal questions on the spot
  • Be a goddess at pitching yourself to land better career opportunities
  • Be comfortable with compliments and accept criticism with an open heart
  • Be comfortable saying NO and choosing how you spend your time
  • Be okay with taking a different path than the one your family built for you
  • Have trust in your abilities and dream and know what you love
  • Tune in to your potential and embrace your multiple passions
  • Be okay talking to strangers and engaging in conversations
  • LOVE having dinner out or travelling alone, all by yourself
  • Have a strong and positive mindset to live a happier life
  • Raise your awareness to embrace your body & mind’s health
  • Practice self-love with ease and joy

I can’t even put into words how much Marjolaine changed my outlook on how I view myself as a business woman. In just our first hour together she gave me real, tangible advice on how I can improve my pitch to clients, hone my offerings as an entrepreneur, and even build more confidence. I’m excited to put her advice into action and I know that with the tools she’s given me i can grow my business in a way that fulfills me. Thank you so much!!!

Jordan Davida Drankoski, Healthy Living Blogger & Founder of Dancing for Donuts

You are:

  • A creative soul that has a gift to share with the world with a unique voice.
  • A career-driven woman that wants to have an impact and leave a mark.
  • Fun to be with and with a lot of insights to share.
  • Dreaming of taking bold risks, travelling and living life as a great adventure.
  • In love with the yoga lifestyle or curious to discover mindfulness.
  • Ready to engage in authentic friendships & relationships.
  • An amazing woman that needs to LOVE HERSELF even more and stop standing in her own way.
  • Ready to be a confident goddess.

You are tired of:

  • Holding yourself back when you want to put projects out there.
  • Always seeking confirmation from others.
  • Finding it difficult to respect yourself and say no.
  • Depending on your friends to go out and do fun activities.
  • You are tired of feeling defensive when you receive criticism.
  • Being riddled with doubts and guilt when you make a tough decision or when you talk ”too much” or ”too little.
  • Being upset when you make a mistake and having a hard time letting go.
  • Being scared to disappoint others and feeling alone with your dreams.
  • Being a perfectionist and having a hard time putting yourself out there.
  • Feeling like you are ”moving slowly” or that you are not ”there yet.”
  • Overwhelmed by all your passions and finding it hard to do ”everything.”

Together we Rise

This program welcomes 3 women in each purposely chosen group to share a safe space where judgments are staying outside the door. The application allows me to choose women that genuinely want to transform themselves and will contribute with care and empathy to the group.

Whether you are shy or an extrovert, you simply need to be yourself and be ready to contribute and share insights. A group of wonderful women is really a great place to start building confidence. Not only will you learn from me as your mentor, but you will also learn so much from the other women. Sharing the ups & downs and finding a new family to support your journey will make all the difference in your path towards more confidence.

You are not paying for a pdf or for a random online program that you will neglect and let slip from your memory. Trust me.
This is a deep transformation.

You will better yourself and set yourself up for life. But it requires a passionate commitment on your end and a deep willingness to change and be accountable.
Because it won’t be easy or comfortable.

You might feel super motivated and happy but also go through periods of frustration and doubts. You might cry a lot, laugh a lot and put your life in perspective.

But after our work together, you will feel like you are lighter. Like a weight is lifted off your shoulders and like you are finally ready to be YOU. All of it, all of you, with no shame or guilt.
Because you are beautiful and you deserve a beautiful life.

Talking with Marjolaine was such a beautiful and uplifting experience!! She’s so intuitive and kind, and her mindful approach really inspired me.
In such a small amount of time she found a way to show me how to be more productive, how to believe in my dream and take tangible actions for my business.
I couldn’t recommend her enough, she’s a true miracle worker!! Thank you so much Marjolaine for showing me my way and believing in me!

Francesca Minotti, Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach on a mission to help women find what makes them GLOW

What is included

Weekly Group Coaching on Zoom

Enjoy 12 semi-private coaching sessions of 90 minutes that will take place once a week 

Access to my 3-month online course as support material

Video Training 

In these audio training, we will focus on 1 theme or challenge (money mindset, self-love, vision-setting, personal brand…). This will allow you to work on yourself during the week and have focus on one theme at a time. It is also a great way for you to be accountable and do your homework!


Enjoy an empowering meditation/ guided audio that suits the theme of the week! You can listen to it on repeat or do it once consciously.

Exercise Sheets or Challenge

Filled with introspection exercises or mindfulness ideas to implement, these sheets are perfect to make a progress summary, track your actions and reflect on where your focus should be at for the week.

Session with an expert

1 session will be co-hosted by an expert in the field of goal-setting, self-love or intuitive eating. This session will be a fun way to understand self-love, confidence, and how we can nurture our body with love to be fuelled with energy and achieve our dreams.

Access to a secret whatsapp group

The purpose of this group is mostly so that you can interact with each other. You will have access to each other during the week to share your successes and challenges and be there for each other. I will also hop in from time to time to deliver a motivating voice message!

Reserve your spot today

If you are a fit, this unique and transformative program can be yours for 1997 euros (payment plans available).

This will truly be life-changing and I can assure you that this will bring more joy, ease and opportunities into your life than you can even imagine.

Be ready for a whole new outlook on life.

Be ready to be a confident goddess

”Invest In Yourself. There is so much space for growth.”

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