Flying Solo For The First Time

A few years ago – almost three to be precise – my best friend was getting married across the country and I was faced with a huge dilemma. You see, I love the idea of travel and seeing new places but I had never travelled by myself, never flown by myself, never left my section of the East Coast. So the idea of having to fly all the way across the country scared me. Ok, if I am being honest, it absolutely terrified me.

I was nowhere near prepared or ready to take that step to travel solo, let alone fly solo. So for all of you like me, who may be wanting to travel, but are too scared, I want to help you out today and let you know that you are not alone. Travelling solo and especially flying solo can be very scaring, unsettling, and downright anxiety-inducing if you have never done it before. 

1. It is ok to be scared

I want to get that out of the way first and let you know that it is completely normal to be apprehensive about travelling and flying solo for the first time. So if you are struggling with those feelings, I don’t want you to feel ashamed or like you shouldn’t feel this way. Feel whatever way you want to feel. After all, they are your feelings and all of them are valid.

2. Be as prepared as possible

This may seem like a no brainer but when you are as prepared as possible for the flight and the travelling process, you are less likely to be stressed out about it. I know when I was flying for the first time, I planned out everything. Now I am not saying you need to be as strict as I was, but maybe print out your boarding pass ahead of time and check in early so you don’t have to worry. Even something as simple as preparing your bag for exactly what you are going to need on the flight.

3. Enjoy the process and the destination

Remember why you are doing this! For me, it was for my best friend’s wedding and seeing the other side of the country; something I would never miss out on. I had to remind myself that above all of the fear, I was going to create memories for a lifetime by going.  I was going to create an experience that I would remember no matter how old I get. You have to remind yourself that the benefits of the flying and the trip far out way the consequences and fears of travelling or flying solo.

I distinctly remember the fear I had about travelling and flying solo for the first time. I was panicked to be quite honest. In fact, I watched a movie about a plane crash right before the flight and yes I know that didn’t help. But what I mean is that I was definitely in the camp of fear and stress around the flight and the trip.

It’s ok to be scared, but it isn’t ok to let that fear control your life and dictate what you do in your life. So there was no way I was going to let my fear stop me from seeing my best friend get married or from seeing the other side of the country. No matter what, even if I had to crawl there, I was going to get there.

Flying solo for the first time doesn’t have to cause you so much stress or fear that you don’t do it. Instead, follow these steps and enjoy it. Remember that the memories will be so worth the stress, and that they will last a lifetime. So go out and travel, fly, see the world, and experience new things.

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