Transforming Failures Into Opportunities

Interestingly enough, this article was supposed to be about intuition. But rather, a few seconds before typing the first letter on the keyboard, my inspiration lead me somewhere else.

Truth be told, I have written my best articles very late at night when I am almost half asleep. Somehow, when the whole world is sleeping and I have already enjoyed the relaxing part of my evenings, my inner goddess writer awakens and whispers to my ears.

So why am I sharing you my late nights secrets?

Well, because just before typing these lines, something interesting happened that my inner night writer’s deemed was worth a share! I was reading a message from my virtual assistant, turning down the opportunity to be a guest speaker/yoga teacher at a summer event in Berlin this year. They apparently have a strict rule where they only work with people they know. Since I didn’t know the organizer, she suggested I buy tickets to attend this year and maybe see if I can be a fit for next year.

Trust me, I get that you need to trust the people you welcome to your event. Events are a big deal, and every details & people you work with will matter! Still, my initial late-evening thoughts were Ugh, Berlin yoga is so snobbish;  a judgement I’d come to based on past applications to be a yoga teacher in Berlin studios. I guess she would not mind if I had already a worldwide recognition. A true moment of weakness and comparison.

I strolled through their website, hopped over to the ticket prices, considered if I truly had the time in Spring to take the 3 days off for this event, kept scrolling further and further… till I reached the media page. Then it hit me: I have a media company.

Lighten up, Marjolaine, I thought. Maybe I could pitch myself as ‘press’ to cover the event and meet the organizers!

Will it work? Maybe! Will it dilute my credibility as a yoga teacher and follow the misconception that you can’t be good at multiple things? Maybe! Will it come across weirdly? Maybe! Will it be a positive answer and will I enjoy a new event and meet inspiring teachers? Maybe!

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter.

What matters is learning to seize new opportunities and seek ideas in moments of weaknesses. When you are tired, when your ego speaks louder than you would want it to speak and even when your mind isn’t showing up as it’s the best self and you let doubts and comparison crawl in, you can open a new door. A new door can take many shapes & forms.

What does your intuition tell you? How can you stand out, even in adversity? What can you learn or practice to feel stronger when a similar situation comes along? What can you decide that will support a potential change of outcome, instead of choosing that the road ends now?

My journey of thoughts, ideas and transformations happened in 4 minutes, real-time. The day consists of thousands of micro-decisions that will either challenge you and positively transform how you deal with business, self-love, and growth, or play a negative movie in your head on repeat, where you are not the director, but the actor affected by Murphy’s law.

So next time you feel like a failure or caught up in a failure, remember this:

Failures are not the end of a road, but the beginning of a new path you just had not seen before. They are the secret weapon that unlocks a new level of possibilities. Failures are like the umami of life: you don’t know how much you need them until you taste them and see the bigger picture.

So embrace the possibilities

  • Take ownership
  • Call in your creative genius
  • Make a new choice
  • Wallow in despair for a maximum of 2 minutes before you take a new kickass decision
  • Be bold and move forward when you don’t know where to head. Forward is always a good place to start.

Have fun darling. Because life is fun. Even if it seems confusing and blurry or unfair by times, it is just another detour. And frankly, life without detour would be boring.

So make a move. It’s time to make your next decision.

What is it going to be?

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