Why Facebook Livestreaming is the Best Social Media Investment

It’s pretty clear that a video is a powerful tool for everyone doing business online. And it’s no secret that Facebook especially loves video. But would it surprise you to know that your audience loves it, too?

I’ve posted several times this week on my business Facebook page. One is just a regular paragraph post, the other, a video.  My regular post was shown to about 59 people and had 3 people “like,” it. My video was shown to eleven thousand people and watched by six thousand. (You do the math!) Both posts went out the same week!

Think of it this way: Your audience likes what you have to say, but they want to KNOW you before they spend any significant amount of money with you.

If they’re not local and can’t meet you in a coffee shop, how do they know you’re the real deal? By watching your live stream.

Fans from around the world can see your energy and hear your voice on a live stream, all of which paints a picture for them of your coaching style. Not everyone’s energy or coaching style works for everyone. So, your live stream helps them decide if you’re the right coach for them. If your audience can’t meet you in person, attending you via live stream is the next best thing.

As a coach, you also benefit from live streams; you’ll get to know your audience better based on the questions and comments on your video. Those questions help you research the real pain points in your group. If you truly know your audience, your products and classes get better and better.

Take one step further and live-stream inside your closed Facebook Group. In that private space, your members are more prone to ask questions or share experiences they wouldn’t necessarily want public.

Livestreaming can also add an element of surprise for your audience if you make time-sensitive offers.

Create a sense of urgency by limiting your offer, either to the first XX number of customers or make it expire at a particular time. Fans watching live have the opportunity to get a great deal.  Those attending the replay will make a point of paying closer attention to your live stream notifications, so they don’t miss out again.

Adding live streams as a bonus to your paid group adds value. A monthly or weekly Q&A or a series of training classes give your paid members access for help on a more personal basis. These regular meetings also allow you to learn more about them, as well as stay up to date on what they need and where their struggles lie.

Embrace the live stream technology instead of considering it as just one more task on your neverending to-do list. Livestreaming makes for a win-win relationship between you and your prospects. Plan it into your day, like your client calls and content creations.

Before you can plan for and host a meaningful Facebook live, you have to know why you’re doing it in the first place. If you don’t have a plan, very often your simple message could lead to a rant that has no bearing on anything in your business. You want to attract new people into your sales funnel, and into your social media following, not turn them away because they’re unclear about your message.

These are the three primary goals you should be aiming for in your video livestreams:

Goal 1: Building Relationships

Your followers want to know, like, and trust you before they buy from you. So you need to prove your value to them. Building relationships with your followers allow them to see inside your life, to catch a glimpse of your coaching style, and to evaluate if your class or program is the right fit for them. Build those relationships by communicating regularly via live stream (as well as social media and emails) and share what you do without the hard sales pitch. When the time is right for them, they will turn to your paid programs for help.

Goal 2: Challenging Your Community

Creating challenges for your community is a great way to get engagement while showcasing your expertise. Put a limit to each problem (7, 10, or 30-days are popular) and be prepared to interact with your community or group via live stream at least once a day if not more. Your job as a challenge host is to help move your fans out of their comfort zones and help them achieve something new or overcome an obstacle. Use live streams to showcase your coaching style, give pertinent advice, and answer any questions that arise and you’ll win over new clients and customers in no time.

Goal 3: To Sell Something

Ultimately you’re in business to make a profit, so don’t be afraid to tout your programs and products. There’s a difference between giving a hard sell with abusive sales tactics and kindly informing your tribe about your latest product and all its features and benefits. Live streaming is a great way to nurture that relationship once again while also telling your audience exactly why they need your product. When your viewers see your excitement, it will become contagious, and they can be persuaded at this point to make a purchase.

Making sales via live stream is where your production quality becomes essential, especially if your products come with high-end price tags. Keep up your live stream image to match your high-end pricing for the highest conversion rates – which means upgrading your studio equipment as necessary to achieve your desired video quality.

One important note: People respond to your videos, but you run the risk of losing their attention if your video covers too many topics. Choose ONE GOAL and ONE TOPIC per video. This way you’re focused, and you’re not confusing your audience.

Push the Live button and get started with Video. With each post, video becomes easier and easier. You’ll connect with your audience, increase your credibility, and position yourself as a thought leader for your niche.

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