Crying as a Business Owner: How to Stay Strong

Don’t pretend. I know you have been there. Crying on the floor on a Tuesday night because you feel like a failure.

Nothing is working, you are behind in projects, the money isn’t coming in. What are your parents going to think? How will you pay the rent? You will never get there, you are not worth it, what an impostor you are, what a joke. How pathetic of you to cry when you are supposed to be living your best life and inspiring others? You don’t feel like showing it on social media? I thought you were authentic. I thought you were genuine. What a failure.

Your mind is playing games on you. Your head is spinning faster than a fast car.

So you cry. Cry until you are empty. Cry until you don’t believe yourself anymore. Cry until you laugh.

And then pick yourself up.

Piece by piece, layer by layer, accept what just happened. Slowly raise your body into a seated posture and take a deep breath. Your eyes may be blurry, you might not be able to see so well. But it’s okay. Feel it. Feel your body and mind, just after a breakdown, just after you imploded.

And start breathing. Slowly, steadily.

Tell yourself:

‘’Okay, it’s okay…’’

And know that it is okay. You are okay. You will be okay. You are enough. It is enough.

Tell me, have you been there? I guess you have because you are human and it’s all part of the wonderful journey of becoming your best self. Igniting your potential and learning to create yourself and ride the ups and the lows.

But picking yourself up can be easier said than done. How do you feel enough?  I created a little list of prevention so that you are equipped next time you find yourself weeping on the floor.

1. Write yourself a manifesto

Remind yourself of how awesome you are: your skills, your power, what you’ve accomplished and what you see for yourself. All that you know is true even if it isn’t fully manifested yet. Write yourself a love letter that shines your best light. Write to yourself all that you are and all that you can become, with genuine love and care. Make it pretty, in a notebook or on your computer. Make sure that you can remind yourself how awesome you are when your mind is tricking you into believing you are worth less than a grain of sand.

‘Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.’


2. When your vision is clear, all is clear

Practice vision-setting and make sure that your business vision and potential is so clear and defined, you could almost make a movie and show people brick by brick how it makes sense together. What is the reason behind this? What makes you so unique and special? What do you bring to people that is so important that it would be unfair of you to stop? Remind yourself that you are in this game for the long run.

‘’It is not who I am, It is where I am at’’
unknown or myself


3. Be honest

Yes the power of words and intention is true, and you don’t want to be yelling from the roofs that you are on a rough path. But have at least one person you can trust and share with: your husband, your best friend, even your mom! If you are abroad, have a group of boss babes that will get you and lift you up.

Don’t forget: you are not alone in this.

4. Learn to rest

When you are imploding and your world is falling apart, you need to rest. Disconnect, disappear from your online world and allow yourself time to breathe and be okay and safe, even if it’s just for right now, or the next hour at the very least.

Allow yourself to let go of the worry for a little moment and give yourself a self-love break. Head for a walk, grab your favorite book, take a bubble bath, sit and breathe. Darling, listen to yourself. Your body is telling you that you need rest; that right now is not a good time and you need to care in order to be back on your direction. Before you can transform your energies into light, you need to rejuvenate. Actions will come after rest and it’s okay to take your time.

You are still here. Still standing. Fierce & okay.

‘’Just for today, do not worry’’
Dr Mikao Usui

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