Become a
confident goddess

“ Invest time and energy in your well being. ”
― Amy Leigh Mercree
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" I want to become confident,
How do I know that
this is for me? "

" what are the qualities of a confident godess?"

✴ YOUR VISION: Build a strong vision for yourself as a woman, that will allow you to dream and dare to move towards your wildest desires.

✴ YOUR INNER GODDESS: Deepen your sense of self-love and tap into long-lasting self-worth that will make you feel like a goddess.

✴ THE UNIQUE YOU: Understand your unique gifts, embrace your multiple passions and ignite the strengths that will serve you when the time comes to design your dream life.

✴QUIT YOUR JOB: Find your sense of purpose and gather the strength to level-up your current career or build a business that will spark immense joy.

✴HIGH-VIBE FRIENDS: Nurture relationships that align with your bigger vision and in which you can be unapologetically yourself.

✴PERSONAL BRANDING: Get to know yourself and how you can show up on social media as your most radiant self!

✴MONEY GODDESS: Embrace and welcome abundance in your life. Learn to let go of old patterns and blocks that do not align with your vision. 


" benefits? "


✴SHOW-UP: Quit procrastinating and finding excuses now. Find the routines that allow you to prosper and understand what works best to help you achieve your goals.

✴DECLUTTER: Find minimalist practices to bring into your life and your social media to push out the noise and triggers of comparison and self-doubt. 

✴LET GO: Acknowledge and consciously say goodbye to the things that are holding you back – the expectations and fear of judgement, the doubtful voices in your head or limiting beliefs. 

✴LOVE YOURSELF: This week will be dedicated to embracing who you are inside-out and cultivating a deep sense of self-worth and love. You will feel strong & shine inside-out,


" why? "

During three full months,  you will learn how to find the confidence to take action towards your dream and reduce the noise caused by doubts, insecurities and the fear of judgment we all face daily. We dive into mindset work, intense introspection and uncover savvy strategies that will help you become a more daring,  poweful and confident version of you!   This course will give you an incredibly strong foundation to finally feel clear about your next steps and embrace your unique potential and succeed on your own terms! 

👁Imagine if you could have a clear vision and know exactly what to do next?

🌷Imagine if you could finally allow yourself to dream big and wild + take daring actions towards your goals?

❤ Imagine if you didn’t have to ask permission anymore to be YOU and take an inconventional path towards greatness?

                                                 This is your time!

By infusing mindfulness and psychology, you will be guided through the necessary steps to reimagine your confidence and set you on the path to greater success and opportunities. You will be going through over 12 powerful videos, 24 worksheets and ebooks and empowering guided meditations, one week at a time. 

This is for you if you are tired of:

*Feeling like you are stuck and kind of lost about what to do next to make your dream life happen.

*Feeling stuck inside of your own head and caught-up in destructive patterns and mental blocks.

*Catching yourself constantly comparing yourself to others and doubting that you can achieve your dreams or that you have what it takes. 

*Being scared to disappoint others and feeling alone with your dreams.

*Caught-up in procrastination and excuses that are keeping you from achieving your goals and getting started.

*Always seeking affirmation from others and your family and affraid to show-up online and build a name for yourself.

*Feeling overwhelmed and finding it difficult to respect yourself and manage your time.

*Having negative thoughts and doubts playing on repeat in your mind and being riddled with guilt whenever you are faced with a tough decision.

Meet Marjolaine

Marjolaine is the founder of MM, where she infuses minimalism, sustainability and fun into business, to share joy & her love for Mornings with spiritual and modern women entrepreneurs daily.

Marjolaine Savoie is a confident speaker, powerful coach, and conscious yoga teacher. In a world full of noise and chaotic energy, Marjolaine advocates ease. She encourages women to slow down, embrace their inner (confident) goddess and act in accordance with their true purpose in life.

With a degree in psychology and over 3 years experience in teaching yoga and mindfulness, Marjolaine provides meaningful content on her media platform as well as 1:1 coaching and yoga retreats. Bringing with her a background in theater, makeup artistry and healthy eating teaching for underprivileged communities, she finished her bachelor in psychology abroad and backpacked through Morocco & Portugal for 6 weeks alone, which broadened her understanding of both culture and mindfulness.

You can find her album on Spotify or hear her sing a mantra after a yoga class.

Always having an oat café au lait in hand and being an artist at heart, she now inspires hundreds of women through her podcast, powerful 1:1 coaching and blog, as well as in person, on yoga retreats and events. During her last Yoga Retreat in Greece she guided the transformation of ten beautiful women through mindful activities to help them find a deeper connection with their inner selves.


The course is 12-weeks long course and works on a week by week basis. Each week offers you education, inspiration and exercises so that you can apply what you learn and truly grow. We recommend that you put aside between 2-5 hours a week to work on the exercises and truly take time to reflect and put your work in practice.

The structure focuses a lot on introspection and invites you to work daily on yourself. Marjolaine will help you uncover your fears, limiting beliefs and inspire you to transform on all levels from vision-setting to money mindset! We invite you to follow the structure, as it is powerful and truly works wonders if you allow yourself to be patient and put in the work.

12 videos, over 25 worksheets and exercises, our favorite book recommendations & 12 audio meditation, mantra or mindset exercises

This course is for you if you are ready to finally tap into your potential to shine and build a life you love. It is for you if you are tired of apologizing and feeling invisible and are ready to level-up and love yourself so that you can take ownership of your life and have an impact.

It is for you if:

You are ready for more joy, more abundance, more freedom and more confidence.

You are ready to start your own path and explore entrepreneurship to seek your true purpose in life.

You are tired of the voices in your head and people around you telling you that you are not enough.

You know that you’ve got a unique story and dreams that deserve to be heard.

You are ready to be a confident goddess.

The course is only 147 euros so that you can get an incredible transformation for an affordable price. I believe that everyone deserves that transformation and I want it to be accessible for you.

You will have a lifetime access to it and enjoy any future content and videos that I might add!

Since this course is fully digital and packed with high quality worksheets and videos, we have a strict no refund policy, as once you get access, you can immediately start downloading content and enjoying the platform! I hope you understand and trust that the course will bring you to your next level of confidence!

New members will enjoy the content on a monthly basis to make sure everyone goes at a similar pace and take each week seriously. For those who purchased on launch day (11th April), the month 2 of the course will be unlocked May 9th and the last module will be unlocked June 6th.

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