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Become a confident goddess

12 weeks to holistically transform your life and gain clarity on your life purpose

Alright darling, let’s face it. You are kinda stuck right now and not really sure where to go from here. Life is good, but meh. And frankly, it feels like the more it goes on, the less hope you have to actually achieve your dreams, become an entrepreneur, and have the confidence to claim what you most deeply desire.  You know you are meant for a life of freedom and impact, but your 9-5 and lack of energy are holding you back. I SAY NO MORE. 

It’s time to  dive into a holistic makeover of your life so that you  finally  let go of the limiting beliefs you built over the years around career, money and what life should be like. Over the next 12 weeks, you will let go of what holds you back, overcome your excuses, finally get unstuck, build your dream life vision, and get all the confidence and savvy mindset tools you need to get there.


+ You wake up like a goddess and take a sip of your favorite coffee, whilst you set your intention for the week, have a CLEAR VISION AND KNOW EXACTLY WHAT TO DO NEXT. 

+ Every evening, you experience CALMNESS & TRUST  instead of worries. You feel grateful that this course has changed your life on all aspects. 

+ You surprise yourself taking BOLD STEPS TOWARDS YOUR DREAMS  consistently, and never fear failure again. 

This course will do all of this for you and more! It is time that you build  success on your own terms darling!

Powerful tools to guide your transformation

Through 12 powerful modules, we dive into mindfulness, vision-setting, mindset work,  personal branding, self-love, money mindset and accountability work for you to finally show up for your dreams with ease and drop the excuses. Without doing the work myself, I never would have done my yoga teacher training, completed a psychology degree abroad, backpacked through Morroco and portugal for 6 weeks solo, made a four-track album on spotify and moved my life oversea to follow my intuition after falling in love, all before building my dream business. Trust me, these 3 month might be THE most important of your life if you are ready to choose yourself.

After coaching women online and in person worldwide for over 2 years, I took over 6 months to build the most complete confidence and mindset makeover course. My holistic approach infusing mindfulness and psychology will guide you through the necessary steps to reimagine your confidence, and set you on the path to greater success and opportunities, but mostly, give you tools and strategies that will serve you for life. 

Nice to meet you, I am Marjolaine.

Like you, I used to believe that my dream life was for ”another life” and that it was safer to follow the traditional path. Seeing everyone travelling and thinking that I wasn’t lucky or rich enough. Hoping winning the lottery could solve anything and believing that I had to be chosen and given permission by someone else to shine.  Desperate to be seen, heard and allowed.

But darling, you are a goddess, and it is time that you choose yourself now. This is your permission from the universe to be YOU. Seize it.

After graduating from psychology, I sold everything I had in Canada and moved to Germany to pursue my dreams. BOLD MOVE. I am now delighted to live a conscious lifestyle with my Greek-German boyfriend, travel the world teaching yoga retreats and work on my laptop with an oat café au lait every morning.  Now it’s my mission to impact women like you to be abundant and confident, tap into their inner goddess power, and shift their mindset towards more simplicity and more joy. Life doesn’t have to be complicated and hard. In fact, life should work FOR YOU, not against you.

Deep introspective and personal growth journey with results.

Become a  Confidence Goddess 12 week Confidence & Mindset Course gives you all the tools you need for your dreams to become reality and to implement sustainable life change. This what you get:

-12 powerful videos about decluttering, uncovering your skills, connecting with your intuition, letting go, creating a life vision, showing-up, overcoming procrastination, building healthy support systems and letting go of toxic friendships, decision-making, money mindset, upleveling your career, practicing affirmations, aligning your mindset, personal branding, routine setting, self-awareness, self-love and more.

-24 workbooks to let go of the old patterns and truly uncover your potential to have a clear outline of your life vision and take actions that are aligned. It is very introspective and ask you to question all aspects of your life so that you can see and feel the change in and out. 

-12 empowering guided meditations, one week at a time where I guide you to be your best self!

But because I know how important support is in ANY transformation process, you’ll also get a big BONUS. I offer you my email and Instagram DM support through out the course. Just reach out, and I’ll be there to answer your questions and support you.

I've grown more than I've anticipated in 3 months and the growth has rippled into areas I am surprised and excited about. It is hard when you have a yearning for movement but an unclarity as to how to reach a destination but Marjolaine puts pressure into perspective; enabling forward movement with the ability to breathe and access to skills in moments where I previously would not have been in touch with myself and my confidence enough to say yes to myself is more powerful than I realized.
Lily Osman

Yes, you have time

 I know you feel tired when you finish your workday. This online course is made to fit into your busy lifestyle, and this is why I’ve created the most complete platform that’s full of hours of exercises, questions and challenges to bring you out of your comfort zone and tap into your goddess potential.

This is how your life will be after the course

  1.  SHINE: Understand your unique gifts, embrace your multiple passions and ignite the strengths that will serve you when the time comes to design your dream life.
  2. LEVEL UP: Find your sense of purpose and gather the strength to level up your current career or build a business that will spark immense joy.
  3. HIGH-VIBE: Nurture relationships that align with your dreams, and be unapologetically yourself.
  4. MONEY GODDESS: Embrace and welcome abundance in your life. Write your new money story and get rid of limiting beliefs.
  5. SHOW UP: Quit procrastinating and finding excuses now. Find the routines that allow you to prosper, and understand what works best to help you achieve your goals.


For only 247 euros, you will have immediate access to 12 weeks of transformative, holistic content to awaken your inner goddess and transform your life + my ongoing support throughout the program. You will have lifetime access to it and enjoy any future content and videos that I might add!

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: I truly believe in the transformation I provide and if after 3 months, you can show that you completed each ebook and assignment and put in effort, but somehow feel like it wasn’t the right course for you and you didn’t see positive changes, shoot me an email with scanned proof of work and we will provide a refund.

You've wasted enough time


The course is 12 weeks long, and works on a week by week basis. Each week offers you education, inspiration and exercises, so that you can apply what you learn and truly grow. I recommend that you put aside between 2-5 hours a week to work on the exercises and truly take time to reflect and put your work into practice.

The structure focuses a lot on introspection, and invites you to work daily on yourself. I will help you uncover your fears, limiting beliefs and inspire you to transform on all levels from vision-setting to money mindset! We invite you to follow the structure, as it is powerful and truly works wonders if you allow yourself to be patient and put in the work.

12 videos, over 25 worksheets and exercises, our favorite book recommendations & 12 audio meditations, mantras or mindset exercises

This course is for you, if you are ready to finally tap into your potential to shine and build a life you love. It is for you if you are tired of apologizing and feeling stuck, and actually are ready to level up and love yourself, so that you can take ownership of your life and have an impact.

It is for you if:

You are ready for more joy, more abundance, more freedom and more confidence.

You are ready to start your own path, and explore entrepreneurship to seek your true purpose in life.

You are tired of the voices in your head and people around you telling you that you are not enough.

You know that you’ve got a unique story and dreams that deserve to be heard.

You are ready to be a confident goddess.

The course is only 247 euros, so that you can get an incredible transformation for an affordable price. I believe that everyone deserves that transformation, and I want it to be accessible for you.

You will have a lifetime access to it and enjoy any future content and videos that I might add!

Since this course is fully digital and packed with high quality worksheets and videos, we have a strict no refund policy, as once you get access, you can immediately start downloading content and enjoying the platform! I hope you understand and trust that the course will bring you to your next level of confidence!

MONEY BACK: I truly believe in the transformation I provide and if after 3 months, you can show that you completed each ebook and assignment and put in effort, but somehow feel like it wasn’t the right course for you and you didn’t see positive changes, shoot me an email with scanned proof of work and we will provide a refund.

New members will enjoy the content on a monthly basis to make sure everyone goes at a similar pace and takes each week seriously. For those who purchased on launch day (11th April), the month 2 of the course will be unlocked May 9th and the last module will be unlocked June 6th.

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