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 Mornings inspire me with immense possibilities and a feeling that all will be well and warm, like sunrays. This life is yours. This body is yours. This morning is yours. Infuse it all with joy & simplicity. It is life made easy and beautiful, we cover everything about mindfulness, yoga minimalism, low-impact lifestyle and little joys!

What Is Your Self-Care?

The beautiful thing is that there’s quite a demand for self-care nowadays. And the thing about it is: self-care should be anything YOU choose to do as long as it refreshes YOURSELF.

Why is Meditation Important?

Meditation is great for a variety of reasons and can improve our lives in many ways. Finding a routine that works for your lifestyle is important to ensure that you can regularly practice it and get the most benefit out of the practice.

How I Started Waking Up Earlier

You have to get to a place where waking up early is comfortable and your body does it naturally. And for that, you have to start focusing on your evenings. Here are a few tricks that will help you create an evening routine that makes waking up early a breeze.
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