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Feel the buzz of the city. Build a brand you love or turn into a daring woman. Pack your bag and fly off to a far-away Island. We cover all things about travel, life abroad, confidence, motivation and inspiration to DARE!


Catching the Travel Bug

When you decide to travel, you must remember that it will have ups and downs. However, If you’re up for the challenge and you utilize your resources, I fully believe that the world is accessible to anyone willing to try.

Travelling With Perspective

As a travel photographer, my aim is to capture the energy of the places I visit into my work to inspire other people to visit them. Here are four tips to create a magical travel experience and engaging travel photos.

What Asperger’s Taught Me About Success

When my son was three, the diagnostician gave me the bad news that he had Asperger's. She told me my son would never read, run, swim, play organized sports, ride a bike, or go to college. I got in her face. I said, “Oh yeah? Just wait, just wait and watch.”

A Morning Routine for Thriving with Anxiety

For people who deal with anxiety, mornings can be quite the opposite, The moment when you wake up and have to face your fears and your problems again. The world feels overwhelming and you don’t want to get out of bed, let alone getting out of the house.
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