Catching a Cold as an Entrepreneur: 5 Pillars to Stay on Top

I get it, you are the lungs of your business and it needs you. Your clients & future customers and readers depend on you and it’s not like you can just drop everything with no preparation; or can you?

Sickness always happens randomly. And even though you eat your kale and drink your healthy smoothies, you are not protected against all the viruses & sicknesses available in our vast world.

I got a cold in the Netherlands. It was so humid & both rainy & snowy at the same time. I know that weather isn’t necessarily the cause or even a factor in me getting sick. But regardless of the ‘why,’ I had to figure out a way to care for myself without feeling like my business is losing sight of the north.

So here are the 5 pillars for getting sick with grace as an entrepreneur.

1. Bulk your content

Yes darling! It is time, once and for all that you live two weeks ahead of everyone else. Thanks to amazing resources like Later or hootsuite, it is now possible to always think ahead and have content work for you. Prepare your photos, captions, collaborations, posts, newsletter and any content you need ahead of time and always live by that rule. This way, if anything comes up; sickness or last-minute bali trip, you’ll be covered.

2. Don’t give up on yoga

Okay, now that you are sick and you know your social media won’t sink below the sea level, you need to take care of yourself. I know you feel heavy and sluggish right now and the last thing you want to hear is that you should get out of bed, but trust me when I say this: your body needs motion to rejuvenate and recharge.

Log into alomove or watch Yoga with Adrienne on Youtube. Just take a very slow and easy sequence where you will basically lay or sit the whole time. The hardest is to get on the mat, but I guarantee you that in a few breaths, you’ll feel free like a bird.

3. Cut your day short and start later

If you are anything like me, your regular entrepreneur days are more or less 14 hours. Or maybe you already are doing amazing at doing short days and they consist in 6 hours. Regardless of what is your regular, cut your day in half to allow yourself to rest and practice self-care.

By doing so for 3 days, sleeping longer and relaxing more than usual, you will bring your body back in shape in no time. If you push yourself more, it will only keep you at a lower level for longer, and not help you beat your sickness. So be patient and forgiving and enjoy short days until you are well.

4. Be kind & do what you can

The other day, I was about to go to bed and my boyfriend asked me; ”what did you do today?”. And I answered: ”I actually don’t know”.

Did I stare at my screen the whole day? Did I black out? Not really. I was only in a cloud. See, being sick also slows you down and you might need extra effort and concentration to stay on task. So be kind towards yourself, understand what you can and cannot do and choose tasks that are lighter, require shorter attention span & are fun.

See this as a mini, forced business holiday. You are still going to do your best, but you can allow yourself to only do the good bits and leave the hardest tasks for your lovely brain and body, once it is back on track.

5. Get drunk on tea

Practice all the self-love. It truly is time. Have a lovely morning routine, drink tea 40 times a day, go get a massage, wear your comfiest clothes, listen to your favourite podcast as you cuddle with your cat, journal, stare at the clouds, order soup, make soup, take a long warm bath, do some yoga, sleep more and just treat yourself and love yourself.

Alright love, you will be okay. This is your moment to focus on one thing: YOU. Your business needs you healthy and energetic. So it’s okay if you postpone a meeting, ignore instagram stories and take it slow.

You will be back on your next exhale.

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