10 Ways to be More Joyful

As you might know, Morning Marjolaine’s main mission is to impact women with the Joy of Simplicity.

But what exactly is the Joy of Simplicity?

It is believing that joy has its way to spark and shine through all the simple moments; that no matter how great or ugly your day turns out to be, you can always take a deep breath and be in tune with the most little things that will spark joy in you.

Culturally, we have built this idea that happiness is somehow this impossible thing to reach but everyone wants. It is a goal that leads to loads of dissatisfaction because it seems almost too good to be true, just for others and plain illusionary.

What I find wonderful about joy is that is can be ignited every single minute. It doesn’t have to be long or short, nor do you have to reach it so that you can hold onto it.

Joy is like the mindful sister of happiness. A concept we can actually understand and that is associated with a tingling feeling inside our heart.

When did I decide I was choosing joy?

In fact, I remember multiple moments in my youth where my friends were a bit confused about my level of joy in mundane moments. It’d be during a pretty normal dinner, or while taking a walk, or while being amazed by a new front-feature at the mall. It has always been natural to me to tune into that naive love of all things simple and pretty in their own unique way.

The joy of simplicity is falling in love and feeling fuzzy inside from the most mundane moments

So for me, when I was trying to build my brand and transform Yoga With Bow into something that would be closer to my essence and to my love for life, I had to include joy and connect the dots.

And as everything in life always tends to align and unfold in perfect beauty, I stumbled upon that TED talk in between.

So how can you be more joyful?

First, start by enjoying a very simple awareness exercise, where you will write down 2 things that purely brought you joy every single evening before bed. It’s a simple journaling prompt that will raise your awareness and maybe even change your life.

Below are my very favorite joyful moments that impact me daily!

  1. Waking up and taking a walk to the bakery and saying ”Good Morning” to the same lovely woman that will say: ”Was darf es sein heute?”
  2. Taking a full 5 minutes to slow brew my morning coffee and feeling joy when I take a sniff at the coffee while it is steaming hot
  3. Putting on fresh and Marie-Kondo-Like folded socks that are the same color and easy to find
  4. Hugging my boyfriend until I melt
  5. Realizing that two avocados are left in the fruit basket
  6. Sitting at my desk in the morning and realizing again that I work from home every morning and that I am my own boss
  7. The smell of fresh flowers
  8. When I am in Savasana after yoga
  9. Watching the clouds dance in the sky
  10. The taste of a fresh perfectly ripe orange

Now, these are MY favorite joyful moments of joy. What are yours? This week, be aware of your own list of ten. Pay attention to:

  • Smells
  • Colors
  • Nature
  • Feelings
  • Touch
  • Sound
  • Love
  • Present moment

Beauty is hiding in all the small in-between that makes up your day. Be aware of the little things and start observing how joy manifests in you. You have it in there! You just have to start cultivating it more.

For more about Morning Marjolaine’s mission, watch this video:

So, what does your joyful morning looks like? Let us know in the comments below!

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