Raquel is an Astrologist and Intuitive Mentor living in Hollywood, CA. She is known for specializing in Evolutionary Astrology, which focuses on the development and transmutative progressions of the Human Soul. Her work is grounded in helping others navigate life’s lessons, while simultaneously experiencing love, fun, and limitlessness. In true Virgo fashion, you can find her studying, sipping her favorite Nicaraguan coffee, or exploring nature with her dogs. To connect with Raquel, follow her on Instagram at @raqreyla or head to www.raqreyla.com to book your very own personalized astrology session.

Extend your Morning with Raquel Reyes

How Deep Is Your Love? February’s Astrological Fortunes

We are all so different in many ways, but Astrology provides a key for compassion and understanding. There are two things that can be felt Universally, no matter where on Earth you are: Love and Astrological movements. February is the fortune garden from which these two things grow, flowering in ways we’ve never seen before.

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