LeighAnn Heil is a business coach who empowers apprehensive renegades to get visible and book their ideal clients. She’s also a pro-musician living the weird life in Austin, Tx, working on her 5th original album, and watching shark movies. After trying Blue Mountain coffee, she won’t drink any other kind, so mostly she drinks tea. Find her at leighannheil.com

Extend your Morning with LeighAnn Heil

Why You Need a Vision for Your Business

No one ever moved up without a vision. You need a vision for yourself and your business. If your eyes are single focus on your computer, you’ll miss the full, wide expansive world of your business.

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Get Paid What You’re Worth: Part II

Stop discounting and step into your prices. You deserve to be paid for your knowledge and experience. Step up, don’t step your prices down. Believe in your worth and present your offers with value.

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How to Handle Your Inner Critic

Most mindset coaches tell you to ignore your inner critic. The only problem is, she is so so loud! You can’t ignore her. She is afraid, and fear is hard to reason with. So let’s have some compassion for her.

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What Asperger’s Taught Me About Success

When my son was three, the diagnostician gave me the bad news that he had Asperger’s. She told me my son would never read, run, swim, play organized sports, ride a bike, or go to college. I got in her face. I said, “Oh yeah? Just wait, just wait and watch.”

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