Laura Vegh is a computer engineer with a passion for traveling, writing, yoga, and anything health & wellness related. Traveling, meeting new people, and experiencing new cultures is what ignites her creativity, which is why last year she started her journey as a digital nomad. She aims to inspire people so they can live happy, laugh daily, and let their creativity shine. Find her on her website lauravegh.com
Extend your Morning with Laura Vegh

The Importance of Pressing Pause

The fact that you need to press pause can be a sign that something is not going as it should. Maybe you are on the verge of realizing that what you’re doing is no longer serving you. Or maybe you just need to realize why you started in the first place.

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How I Started Waking Up Earlier

You have to get to a place where waking up early is comfortable and your body does it naturally. And for that, you have to start focusing on your evenings. Here are a few tricks that will help you create an evening routine that makes waking up early a breeze.

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4 Ways to Relieve Stress When You Don’t Have Time

The worst stress occurs when we have too many things to do and many of them, tasks we probably don’t like which make those we do like seem harder than they are. So here are some things you can integrate in your day to manage stress, without stopping your daily activities.

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A Morning Routine for Thriving with Anxiety

For people who deal with anxiety, mornings can be quite the opposite, The moment when you wake up and have to face your fears and your problems again. The world feels overwhelming and you don’t want to get out of bed, let alone getting out of the house.

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Your Diet is Not Your Life

Many of us head into the new year with goals like eating healthier, exercising more, or losing weight. Few people realize however that a seemingly healthy road can quickly turn into a disaster.

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