Jayna Viswalingam

Jayna is a university student who can’t seem to stay in one place. After living in Singapore then moving to the UK for uni and now doing a year abroad, she’s found herself in Kumamoto, Japan with a constant need to travel. A perfect world for her would be one filled with evocative discussion, passionate thinking and love all around! You can find her on her instagram @jaynavis – but be warned she is a tea person (sorry coffee lovers!).

Extend your Morning with Jayna Viswalingam

Educated Travel: the Importance of Cultural Sensitivity

We need cultural sensitivity not just for our own integrity but also in order to have a good relationship with the country and people we are visiting, to promote sustainable tourism, understanding of different people and places and mostly to be educated and aware in our approach.

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It’s Ok to Miss Home

Feeling anxious and missing home when you move to a new place is natural. It’s okay to be scared, it’s okay to be nervous and it’s okay to be homesick.

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