With a passion for changing perspectives through emerging narratives and evolving forms of communication technology, Halle is an ambitious writer, researcher, and narrative builder who currently works as a digital communication specialist, tenaciously challenging new and developing social norms on- and offline.
Extend your Morning with Halle Stern

Are You Taking on Too Much?

Here are five ways to determine if it’s time to take a break so you can give your all and keep your momentum. Remember, life is a sprint. Not a race.

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Catching the Travel Bug

When you decide to travel, you must remember that it will have ups and downs. However, If you’re up for the challenge and you utilize your resources, I fully believe that the world is accessible to anyone willing to try.

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The Potential in Decisions

The decisions we make every day are all full of endless potential. We choose our endings through the decisions we make and our lives line up accordingly.

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