Caitlin Daniel

Caitlin is a women’s freedom and lifestyle coach and blogger who aims to help women up level their mindset and confidence so that they can show up in their lives and truly design a life that fuels their soul. She believes that all women deserve a life that is rooted in their passions, and makes their soul feel the most alive. She is an avid tea drinker, lover of anything iced coffee, a nature addict, and a true Southern women at heart. She is currently living in Virginia in the United States trying to design her own dream life. She can be found at thesundayseries.com or @aseriesofsundays on Instagram.

Extend your Morning with Caitlin Daniel

Dealing with FOMO as a Homebody

It can be really hard to be more introverted or a homebody and still make the most of your life, and still ensure that you are actually living and not missing out on making experiences.

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