Lexi is an Intensive Care Registered Nurse (RN), in trauma, neurology, and cardiovascular specialties, from Los Angeles, California. As a RN, she champions her professional healthcare career within and outside the hospital walls. But outside nurse seminars, she’s a mix of hot yoga, weight-lifting and carry-on-only travels. She is passionate about people and supporting human wellness, the environment (please skip the plastic straws and save the sea turtles), and creative self-expression through writing and the arts. Ultimately, she strives to live a well-balanced life full of self-growth and love for human welfare. You can usually find her venturing out by herself, seeking solo adventures in order to find inspiration within herself; or at @heart_lexi and her blog, launching soon.

Extend your Morning with Alexis Cuna

What Is Your Self-Care?

The beautiful thing is that there’s quite a demand for self-care nowadays. And the thing about it is: self-care should be anything YOU choose to do as long as it refreshes YOURSELF.

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Work Hard, Sure. Play Hard, Duh.

I needed a balance of adventure and self-care. I needed it to keep me sane, to keep my head fresh. I absolutely recommend it to anyone and everyone. Work hard, sure. Play harder, duh.

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Walking in the Footsteps of a Boss

Fresh out of college, heading into your first or second career, you’re full of aspirations, inspiring ideas, visions for days. However, how do you keep that fire alive? It’s easy to feel small when you’re brand new.

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