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I’m a confidence and online business coach, yoga teacher and content creator.  My mission is to impact women to be abundant and confident, tap into their inner goddess power and shift their mindset towards more simplicity and more joy. 

I teach women like you how to uplevel your packages, market youself online in a saavy way, raise your pricing and stop hiding behind fears—all so that you can tap into your creative genius,  and take daring actions.

After graduating from psychology, I sold everything I had in Canada and move to Germany to pursue my dreams. BOLD MOVE.  I am now delighted to live a conscious lifestyle with my greek-german boyfriend, travel the world teaching yoga retreats and work on my laptop with an oat café au lait every morning helping YOU shine. 

Now it’s my mission to allow you to set free from your mind’s limitation, understand the powerful principles of mindfulness and finally level up your business so that you are VISIBLE, ABUNDANT & CONFIDENT. 

It’s time to bring more intentionality and saavy into your business and do what you LOVE with ease every single morning.  Don’t you think?



Live Mindfully

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Become a Confident goddess in 12 weeks

Alright darling, let’s face it. You are kinda stuck right now and not really sure where to go from here. Life is good, but meh. And frankly, it feels like the more it goes on, the less hope you have to actually achieve your dreams, become an entrepreneur, and have the confidence to claim what you most deeply desire. Does this ring a bell?

Join our unique yoga retreat around the world

I attended a yoga retreat in Greece with Morning Marjolaine and the experience was incredible. I was exhausted, stressed and scatter-minded before attending and I feel like the experience allowed me to release a lot of mental blockages and get back on track.''

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My Secret To Be Joyful every Morning!

I know you are busy building your empire, but trust me, meditation is key to stay grounded and start the morning with the joy of Simplicity. Get access to my favorite grounding meditation and start your morning like a boss!

We treat you with a motivating audio every Monday to start your morning joyfully. Of course, you can leave the party when you please!