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A place of joy & simplicity for conscious women to quit their fear of failure, become visible and build a savvy business they love

Stop being invisible darling! You've got so much joy to share

It is your time to shine:

+ Step-up your game and build your personal brand with immense trust in your potential

+ Live a life filled with joy and succeed on your own terms as a conscious women entrepreneur

+ Quit playing small and allow your many talents to shine 

+ Overcome limiting beliefs and take savvy steps to reach your definition of success

+ Quit the overwhelm because your creativity shouldn’t be the ennemy

+ Embrace patience and stay mindful and conscious through the process

What they have to say:

Lucie Fink, Producer & Lifestyle Host

”Marjolaine pushes her clients! She will ask what you want to work on, and then give you relevant assignments throughout the week to make sure you’re accomplishing your goals. I told her pretty early on that I wanted to start coaching and consulting clients of my own, and within 1 month she helped me make this dream a reality. Marjolaine is a great friend, an excellent listener, and a patient coach!”


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Live Mindfully

travel, life abroad, confidence, and inspiration

The Importance of Pressing Pause

The fact that you need to press pause can be a sign that something is not going as it should. Maybe you are on the verge of realizing that what you're doing is no longer serving you. Or maybe you just need to realize why you started in the first place.
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business, career and following your passions

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mindfulness, yoga, and minimalism


How to Design a Career You Love

Without a clear pathway through life, it can be hard to know how to make the decisions that will define your career and lifestyle. If we don’t have a framework to follow, how do we make our choices?
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